Are Kortney and Kenny in a Relationship?

When you think of HGTV shows, you probably picture Kristen and Dave Wilson. But have you ever wondered what kind of relationship these two have? And are they married? Or do they have a child? You’re not alone, since the couple is also a part of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Here’s some info on the real-estate couple’s relationship status. You’ll be surprised by what you find out!

HGTV show starring kortney and kenny

The HGTV show “Making it Home” starred Kortney and Kenny. The couple is a real estate agent and a DIY expert. They have been starred in multiple shows on the network, including “Making it Home” and “Masters of Flip.” The show has received praise and even been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award! Kortney and Kenny’s relationship is no secret! In this clip, the duo discuss their relationship status.

The couple’s new reality show will premiere on Sept. 1, featuring the same renovation work and new chemistry. The new show will focus on their experience and expertise as a couple and will be geared towards homeowners who want to update their homes on a budget. The pair will be working with homeowners to help them remodel their homes, with the strict budgets and timelines they must work with. In their latest episode, the couple has just finished renovating a Nashville home.

Relationship status of kortney and kenny

Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain are rumoured to be dating. They previously co-hosted the reality television show Making It Home with Dave Wilson and a few months later they split up. The two are great friends and co-hosts on HGTV’s Making It Home. The couple confirmed their co-hosting duties in May 2021. The two were formerly married and starred on Making It Home with Dave and Kortney Wilson.

Since their split, the couple has been dating for several months. Kortney has recently shared pictures of herself and Ryan. They appear to have found a special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Though the couple has not publicly confirmed their relationship, they do remain friends and share the same passion for home renovations. Both Kortney and Ryan have a love of home construction and have worked as contractors part-time.

Sources say kortney and kenny are not in a relationship

While they may be single, there are still plenty of reasons to think the pair are in a relationship. Regardless of what they are doing now, the couple’s relationship has been in the news for quite some time. Kortney and David were married in 2005 but have since broken up. Since then, the couple has been doing cosmetic home renovations. This has made them a tidy $30k profit. Kortney has also been flipping houses to make a little extra money. This move prompted Kortney to get a real estate license and has been seen out together at different events.

In addition to announcing the split from their former spouses, Kortney Wilson has been spotted out with a new man on social media. Kenny Brain, a model from Canada, replaced Wilson on the reality show. While Kenny doesn’t have much experience in home remodeling, his carpentry skills lend an extra charm to the show. Despite being on the verge of separation, the pair have an undeniable chemistry.

Sources say kortney and kenny have a baby

According to several sources, the couple are already expecting a child. Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain have been seen on social media together often. They were spotted together on their vacation to Florida in July. Kenny also appeared on the second season of Big Brother Canada, where he challenged Kortney’s design ideas. While this news is not yet confirmed, the couple is still committed to maintaining the love within the family.

Despite her recent pregnancy, Kortney and Kenny are still in denial about their new addition. Kortney, a mother of three boys, has reportedly changed the name of her reality TV show. The new show will be titled “Making it Home with Kortney and Dave.”

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