Buy The Best Man-Made 1Ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you looking for the best diamond ring to propose to your loved one? You can opt for a man made diamond ring for it. These man-made or lab created diamonds are exactly same like that of the natural diamonds. You or any expert cannot really differentiate between the natural diamonds and the man-made ones. These lab created diamonds come with exact same optical, chemical and physical features like that of 
the natural diamonds. But the former ones are much more affordable and eco-friendly in nature. To know more about how to choose the best diamond ring for your engagement or from where to shop, read on.

What are man made diamonds?

The man-made or lab grown diamonds are the ones that are created in the laboratories using cutting-edge technologies. Though the process of growing and creating diamonds in lab takes time, it is much faster than the natural diamonds. Also, these lab grown diamonds have the exact same features and composition like that of the natural diamonds.

 Both of them are made up of carbon. When tested by a certified gemologist, you cannot find any difference between the two as they both are same. These lab grown diamonds are created mainly by two methods – CVD method and HPHT method. CVD method is the chemical vapor deposition methods and HPHT is the high pressure high temperature method.

When you are shopping for the diamond engagement rings, you will have to consider four C’s i.e. clarity, carat weight, cut ad color. While these four C’s are available for the natural diamonds, you can even find them in the man-made ones. Hence, you can shop for a man-made 1Ct diamond engagement ring for your partner and it will be better. How? Read the next section.

Why man made diamonds are better?

  • Better for the environment

With the latest popularity of the man-made or lab grown diamonds, it is quite evident that these diamonds are here to stay. Moreover, these diamonds are much better than the natural ones as they offer better benefits and can save your money too. Here are some of the reasons why the lab grown diamonds are better than the man-made ones:

Are you an environment conscious person? Then choose the diamonds grown in laboratory is the best decision you can make. These diamonds are eco-friendly in nature as they are created in the safe environment of the lab without having any major or little impact on the eco-system. On the other hands, mining of natural diamonds can have a huge impact on the nature or environment.

  • Saves your money

When you are shopping for the diamonds, you can save money too! The natural diamonds that are naturally mined are way more expensive than the ones are created in labs. You can get a lab created diamond at about one-third or one-fourth of the price of a natural diamond even when the 4 C’s are exactly same. So, you can get man-made 1Ct diamond loose (round) at about $1,500 while the natural 1Ct round diamond can cost 
around $8,800.

  • Better in your budget

Because of the pricing difference (as stated above), you can actually get a bigger size in your budget. The lab grown diamonds look and feel the same because of the similar composition. But as they are easily available and are renewable, you can find a better size in your budget. So, you can buy your partner an engagement ring with a bigger diamond on it at just one-third price of the natural diamond.

  • Get to know about
  • is one of the most reliable sources in America for some unbiased and real advices about the diamonds. The main mission of Rare Carat is to make your diamond shopping experience easier and better. They provide you with all the essential information as well as the tools to find the best engagement rings made up of man-made diamonds from every corner of the world.

With the help of their search engine, you can browse through all the certified and reliable diamond sellers and buy diamonds intelligently from them. The inbuilt tools of this website can help you to evaluate the real price of the diamonds based on the carat weight, clarity, cut and color. This will help you to compare the prices. Also, you will be able to enjoy:

  • GIA-trained unbiased gemologist for helpful advices
  • Price matching and comparing
  • Verification of laser inscription
  • Reliable shipping and money-back guarantee

How to find good lab created diamond deals from

Finding the best deal for man-made diamonds is quite easy with the help of You have to follow these steps to find some really good deals on lab grown diamonds for you:
1. First visit the official website of Rare Carat and sign up
2. You will get some sign up offers that you can redeem while shopping to save more
3. Now, click on the ?Shop’ tab and then click on ?Lab Created Diamonds’
4. You have to choose the shape, color, carat, cut and clarity there
5. You can also set the price range based on your budget
6. There you can see an option ?Rare Carat Deal Vault’ and you have toggle on that 
7. Various options will be displayed to you

As you have turned on the deal option, you will be able to browse through various products that are currently available on deal. You can compare the prices and buy the best deal for you.

How much does 1Ct diamond loose cost?

The cost of 1Ct diamond loose will depend on various factors – shape, cut and clarity. The prices of 1Ct lab created diamond loose are:
1 Ct Round – $1000 to $2000 approximately
1 Ct Cushion – $1000 to $1900 approximately
1 Ct Oval – $1000 to $2200 approximately
1 Ct Pear – $1000 to $1800 approximately

To Conclude

You can shop for the man-made diamond engagement rings from Rare Carat. They offer you with various options from the most reliable sellers all over the world under one roof. Also, you can compare the quality and prices of the rings with the price score and quality score offered by them. The unbiased opinions and advices of gemologist by can be quite helpful for you to pick the right ring for your partner.

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