3 Ways Working From Home Is Proven To Boost Your Mental Health!

Remote working has changed the way we approach our jobs and it’s allowed companies to see that it can actually have a huge benefit on their employee’s productivity. It showed the IT industry that there are no geo limits on the talent market, and with an IT staffing agency, for instance, you can hire remote developers all over the globe. When working from home, you need to ensure that you have the correct set up so that you’re able to work safely. You can find all the latest office furniture in Essex to get you started and help keep your back protected.

Once you’ve got your home office completed, you’ll be able to work without worry and feel comfortable all day long. As well as enjoying the comfort of your own home, remote working has been shown to actually help with people’s mental health. So, here are 3 ways that working from home has been proven to boost your mental health!  

More Sleep

Getting enough sleep plays a crucial role in your mental health. If you don’t get enough of it, any symptoms you had beforehand will be exasperated and hinder your performance at work. However, remote working cuts out the need for a commute so you can get more time in bed. If you normally had to travel for an hour, you can take this hour back and use it to get more sleep. Similarly, when you finish work, you’re already home so you can get everything done earlier.

This means you’ll be able to head off to bed sooner too as you won’t be struggling to fit things like a gym class, dinner, household chores, and more into a short period of time. As soon as you finish work you can get started on your home life routine, helping you get to be earlier. Working from home has also been said to help reduce stress so you’ll find it easier to sleep as well, reducing any insomnia you may have previously faced.

It’s also been proven that having enough sleep can actually help improve your mental health as it allows your body to properly recover from the day and rest.

Work-Life Balance

One of the obvious benefits to working from home is being able to manage your work-life balance better. Remote working actually gives you more hours in the day to do things that you love and be around those you care about. Previously, you would have spent your lunch breaks in the office with your colleagues, chatting about work.

But now, you can do whatever you like with your lunch hour! For instance, you may decide to hit the gym, walk the dog, or simply cook a nutritious meal. Being able to use this hour as you wish can really help boost your overall mood and allows you to enjoy your day more. Having more time in the evening can also help you feel like you’ve got part of your life back. Studies have shown that spending more time with family and friends can really help improve your mental health, so remote working can help you do just that.

Less Stress

One of the most stressful parts about working in an office isn’t the job itself, it’s the commute. Driving for a long period of time and being stuck in traffic has been shown to increase your blood pressure and stress levels, causing you to feel stressed before you even get to work. Then after you finish work, you have to go through the whole thing again just to get home. However, remote working eliminates the need for a daily commute, helping to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Reducing stress is a great way to keep your mental health in check and you may find that you even wake up in a better mood. Working from home can also be less stressful as you can actually just get on with your work without too much disruption. In the office, you may be inundated with people asking for help, and even the noises of other people working. This can actually put a strain on your mental health as you struggle to focus during the day.

However, remote working can allow you the chance to work privately and quietly so your brain can relax and isn’t trying to block out all the other sounds around you.

Remote working might not be for everyone, and there may be days where you actually miss the office, but the benefits it can have for your mental health definitely overrule these fleeting feelings. So, as well as getting a few extra minutes of sleep each day, your stress levels should also reduce, and your general mood should improve too!

These things will do wonders for your mental health and will allow you to get on with your day without feelings of anxiety and low mood. Make sure you create a comfortable working space that gives you everything you need to work each day, and you’ll soon start to feel the difference.