Finding the right Hitchcock criminal defense attorney: A quick guide

Being arrested or charged with DWI in Hitchcock can be traumatizing. A DWI charge can have severe implications on your life. For your first DWI offense, you could face fines of up to $2,000 and jail time of up to 180 days. Also, your driver’s license would be suspended for as long as one year. In other words, you should do everything to bring down the consequences, and your best bet is to hire a Hitchcock criminal defense attorney. If you have never hired one, here are some things to check.

  • Experience: Always choose an attorney who has handled DWI charges. Find a local law firm based in Hitchcock, and you should be able to meet the lawyer to discuss things in person. A deep understanding of how the local courts work can make a big difference to your case. A lawyer who has been working in Hitchcock will know the judges and prosecutors, and more importantly, they also know how various procedural elements can impact your case.
  • Communication: Did you get an immediate response when you called a lawyer? Did they answer your questions on the phone? Did they take an interest in scheduling the meeting? Always work with someone willing to commit time to defend your DWI case. No matter whether you are guilty, you should be able to communicate with your attorney and share details.
  • Trial experience: While a significant number of DWI cases are settled outside of court, there are exceptions. If your case goes before the jury, you need an attorney who has been to trials and is aggressive in the court. Not all lawyers specializing in DWI defense can claim to have extensive trial experience, and that’s a critical component you must consider.
  • Fee: It is usual for DWI defense lawyers in Texas to charge an hourly rate for such lawsuits and charges, but you should never choose an attorney based on that factor alone. If the lawyer has experience and a proven history of great work, there is no harm in paying a higher fee. However, do get a ballpark in advance and ensure you don’t compromise on the services. You should be able to afford your DWI defense lawyer in the long run.

Finally, do check online ratings when comparing criminal lawyers. You should check whether other clients have good things to say about a local firm and if there are too many negative ratings.