The 7 Best Ways to Save Money with Drone Photography

Drone photography might save your company time and money in unexpected ways. Professional drone photographers and filmmakers can boost your brand and image. By producing visual representations and future projections of your projects using professionally edited and produced aerial video, you may amaze customers and stand out from the competition. Drone photography is a safe and affordable option for rooftops, highways, , building sites, and other hard-to-reach regions. Professional drone photography may enhance your business in 7 ways.

1.    Real Estate Photography

Professional drone photography services can also help you market your home.It’s simple: you’ll want to show off a fantastic home. Thus, drones’ high-quality videos and images are useful. Perfect angle is maintained. You may skip the smartphone-to-selling portal step. Check out professional drone services for unique property pictures.

2.    Inspecting Homes

Using drone photography, you can get clear images to assess gutters, roofs, and the whole home for storm damage. These can pinpoint the source of water problems and be used to do regular checks. Drones can also identify other problems such as termites or  rat infestations. A high-definition camera that flies at a height collects video and still images.

3.    Land Surveying

From farm firms to construction organizations, a drone company has many potential land surveying and mapping clients. Drones improve efficiency, budget, and convenience for land surveyors. Drones provide fast mobility and inexpensive equipment to capture 3D data and are gradually becoming the primary approach for land mapping. This land data may help architects create 3D models for projects and start constructing more quicker. Drones’ sensors and cameras help farmers obtain soil moisture and insect data. This simplifies irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide planning. A drone company might serve state and national farmers.

4.    Homebuilders

Aerial photography is the best technique to market fresh lot releases or unfinished projects for housebuilders and contractors. In recent years, our most effective campaign has been updating the interest list with a time-lapse film of scraping the land, gardening, curb, and gutter, and models at the sticks and bricks stage. Digital editing lets clients see the finalized work before buying, increasing conversions. Instead of seeing a patch of land, they’ll view the property and imagine living in the new neighborhood.

5.    Golf Course/Resort Bookings

Want more golf courses or resort bookings? Instead of showing images of your facilities, show consumers what their stay at your luxury hotel would be like. You can record your clients’ full experience from the foyer to the golf course. Storytelling converts consumers faster and cheaper than typical marketing tactics.

6.    Inspection Services

Inspection activities may be difficult and need expert drone pilots. Still, industrial inspection is a profitable industry, and there are many possibilities for drones. Drone pilots may save a tremendous deal of time and money by doing building inspections swiftly and reliably utilizing thermal mapping and other technologies to find any leaks, corrosion, or other concerns impacting building integrity.

7.    Selling Vehicles

The car sector is tremendously saturated. Give clients an immersive shopping experience to stand apart. The show, don’t tell, your enormous selection: the models you have in store, what you’ll be able to custom order, and how it could feel in 3D to be behind the driver’s seat. Extreme Aerial can film your dealership and goods in 360 degrees. Buyers may see trim packages and model years on their phones. Show off your cutting-edge alignment technologies or email/text consumers about new models with rich photos and inside footage.


Finally, making money with a drone is more than possible if you have the necessary drive, ambition, and a strong desire to fly drones. You can work as a freelancer or get a job as a dedicated drone operator for a wide range of companies, such as construction companies, hospitals, or the security services. With the right mindset and equipment, you can start making money by taking pictures with a drone and then improve your skills as you go. Have a good time!