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07 best camera for filmmaking on a budget: Action Camera

Many manufacturers of photo/video equipment have recently been offering models of best camera for filmmaking on a budget, as they are in great demand. Among the abundance of offers, it is not easy to choose a good option in terms of price/quality ratio, as well as one that suits individual requirements. Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the best budget action camera taking into account price, quality of shooting, functionality, and user reviews.

How to choose a best camera for filmmaking on a budget

It is always more difficult to choose equipment among budget models, but with a competent approach, you can find decent devices in this category. The main thing is to decide on the tasks that the device should solve, and also pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Stabilization. This is an important option if you intend to shoot on the move and not on a tripod. Otherwise, the pictures will be blurry, and the movie will come out with a shaky picture. Stabilization is digital, optical and hybrid. The last two options are the most effective.
  • Automatic noise reduction. Improves picture quality when shooting in low light conditions. Without this option, the pictures will have an abundance of noise (defects).
  • Video quality. This setting is affected by the frame rate and maximum resolution. You should choose among models that support at least Full HD mode and provide a frame rate of at least 30 per second. It is better if the camera supports 4k, which allows you to get more detailed videos.
  • Additional options. Modern even budget cameras often support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless file transfer. Also, the camera can be equipped with an additional screen for taking selfies. Additional options include the photo mode, since not all models have it.
  • Moisture resistance. Action cameras are usually purchased for use in extreme conditions, so a waterproof case is a must for a device’s longevity. The degree of moisture resistance can be different – some cameras can withstand splashes, others are designed for underwater photography. If the case is not protected from moisture, the kit should have a sealed box that allows you to shoot directly in it.
  • The presence of the screen. Models with a screen are more convenient to use, and if the screen is rotatable, the camera can even be used for taking selfies. When purchasing such a model, pay attention to the screen size and brightness so that it is convenient to use.
  • Autonomy. This indicator tells how many hours the device can work from the moment it is fully charged until the battery is completely discharged. A good indicator is 2-3 hours, but more often cameras have less autonomy.
  • Matrix resolution. The higher this indicator, the higher the picture detail (resolution). High resolution allows you to enlarge the image without losing quality. For modern cameras, the optimal resolution is at least 15-20 megapixels.
  • Equipment. Especially for bike / moto riders, many models are equipped with special mounts for helmet, bike or motorcycle. May contain sealed boxes for underwater shooting, all kinds of additional straps and mounts.
  • Viewing angle. Action camera have wide-angle lenses – from 120 ° and higher. The higher this indicator, the more objects can be captured by the lens.

After deciding on a best camera for filmmaking on a budget model, be sure to look at the reviews and comparisons. Also read the reviews, especially if the model you choose isn’t on our list of the best budget action camera.

Rating of the best action camera

07. EGO Jump

EGO Jump best camera for filmmaking on a budget
  • Country:China
  • Maximum shooting quality:2034×1314
  • Autonomy:1.5 h
  • Stabilization:absent
  • Rating (2021):8.5

If you are looking for an inexpensive option for an action camera that would allow you to take selfies, then this model will be an excellent option, since it has two screens – on the back and front side. In addition, it has other advantages such as 4k support and 170 ° wide angle. There is a VR Video 360 mode. Includes a large set of mounts and a sealed box.

+ Advantage disadvantages
Two screens
4k support
VR Video 360 support
There is no stabilization  
best camera for filmmaking on a budget

06. HP ac200w

HP ac200w best camera for filmmaking on a budget
  • Country:USA
  • Maximum shooting quality:1920×1080
  • Autonomy:2.3 h
  • Stabilization:absent
  • Rating (2021): 8.5

This model of a well-known American company can be recommended for those who need a universal camera that can take good family photos and cope with the tasks of action camera. Even the design looks more like a classic camera. Among the advantages, one can single out not only the quality of shooting, but also a good autonomy. There is a Wi-Fi module and an application for controlling the camera from the phone. The set includes a sealed box for underwater filming.

+ Advantage disadvantages
Shooting quality
High quality LED display
No accessories available
Noise appears in low light
There is no stabilization

05.X-TRY XTG373 ULTRA HD Indigo

X-TRY XTG373 ULTRA HD Indigo best camera for filmmaking on a budget
  • Country:China
  • Price:11990 P
  • Maximum shooting quality:2880×2160
  • Autonomy:no information
  • Stabilization:electronic
  • Rating (2021): 8.6

The best option for those who are going to shoot during sports or who need to shoot without drawing attention to themselves. This model is made in the form of sunglasses, while the camera itself is almost invisible and not striking. With its compactness, it is capable of shooting in 4k best camera for filmmaking on a budget and even has electronic stabilization, there is also a photo mode.

+ Advantage disadvantages
Made in the form of glasses
4k support
Light weight
Small viewing angle

04. Drift innovation ghost x

Drift innovation ghost x best camera for filmmaking on a budget
  • Country:England
  • Maximum shooting quality:1920×1080
  • Autonomy:5 h
  • Stabilization:absent
  • Rating (2021): 8.7

This action camera is suitable for those who value autonomy, as it is capable of continuously shooting for 5 hours. The maximum resolution is Full HD. The quality of shooting can be assessed as good, but not the highest in our rating. But, since the manufacturer is English, the cost of the camera is quite high. Another disadvantage is that there are many fakes, so there are absolutely negative reviews that, in fact, have nothing to do with this gadget.

+ Advantage disadvantages
High autonomy
Design and usability
Instability of the firmware
High cost of components

03. X-TRY XTC162

X-TRY XTC162 best camera for filmmaking on a budget
  • Country:China
  • Maximum shooting quality:3840×2160
  • Autonomy:up to 1 h
  • Stabilization:absent
  • Rating (2021): 8.8

You shouldn’t expect the high quality of expensive cameras from this camera, but it will allow you to understand whether you need an action camera at all, and is also quite suitable for amateur photography, if you do not make high demands on it. With such a low cost, it is even capable of shooting in 4K quality, however, there is no stabilization. The package bundle is not rich, but it contains a waterproof box for underwater shooting. There is support for Wi-Fi.

+ Advantage disadvantages
4k support
Low cost
Poor sound quality

02. SJCAM SJ8 Air

filmmaking on a budget
  • Country: China
  • Maximum shooting quality:1728×1296
  • Autonomy:2.1 h
  • Stabilization:electronic
  • Rating (2021): 9.2

best camera for filmmaking on a budget

Another model of a well-known Chinese brand, which has a good shooting quality. It does not support 4k, but it shoots well in Full HD, besides there is stabilization, which does its job well. In addition, the device is equipped with a powerful enough Novatek NT96658 processor, which provides fast information processing. Other advantages include a large touchscreen display and good battery life.

+ Advantage disadvantages
Effective stabilization
Shooting quality
Doesn’t support 4k

01 . Rekam A310

Rekam A310 best camera for filmmaking
  • Country: Canada
  • Maximum shooting quality: 3840×2160
  • Autonomy: 2.5 h
  • Stabilization: absent
  • Rating (2021): 9.3

This camera best camera for filmmaking on a budget has several important advantages at once. It supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, has good battery life and at the same time belongs to the category of the most budget devices. The set includes a variety of mounts, straps and Velcro, aqua body and much more. There is support for Wi-Fi. The only thing is, the camera lacks stabilization to get a higher score.

+ Advantage disadvantages
4k support
Rich equipment
Low cost
Shooting quality
Freezes when playing video from a flash drive
There is no stabilization

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