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5 Exterior Renovation Ideas For Homeowners

The outer appearance of your home dictates a significant amount of its value. Not only should the exterior of your home match its architectural design and have the perfect aesthetic look, but it should also be a haven for you and your family. Most homeowners believe the exterior of their homes needs to be touched up every once in a while. 

We have compiled a list of 5 exterior renovation ideas from SuperiorPRO to assist you in making the most of the exterior of your home. These ideas will help you make the right decision, from replacing your shutters to updating your roof and more. Read on!

1. Use A Pop Of Trim Color

Incorporating a pop of trim colors is a trending home renovation idea. To make your home an attractive site for everyone who visits, ensure that you only select colors that complement the exterior of your home. Make sure to use these bold colors in moderation to avoid overwhelming your house’s palette.

2. Upgrade Your Roof

A roof can change the functions and looks of your home in diverse ways. Replace your roof with high-quality architectural shingles if you notice it is getting old. Contrary to traditional shingles, modern roof shingles can keep your house cooler.

In addition, you can update your roof by installing a metal roof for a more contemporary look. Look for tile roofs in bright or dark colors for the most effective results. If your home has an old-fashioned style, replace your house with concrete modern tile roofs for more durability.

3. Add A Front Porch

Adding a porch as part of your exterior renovations significantly increases its value. Porches not only give a welcoming look to the frontage, but they also offer outdoor or living space. 

You can choose between a large or small porch. However, ensure you have enough space to include seating and options like fans and fire pits to enhance your porch’s style and flexibility.

4. Replace Your Shutters

Generic shutters are not appealing in any way. Fortunately, you can choose from numerous stylish exterior shutters on the market today. These shutters are available in modern or country styles. Either way, look for shutters that complement your home’s curb appeal and exterior architecture. Also, complete them with a bold color to make them stand out.

5. Install Bigger Windows

It’s often said that windows are the eyes of a home. Small windows can detract from the aesthetic look of your home, making the interior seem dark. Consider replacing your small windows with larger ones to add dimension to your exterior.

Partner With A Reputable Company For Your Home Remodeling

Avoid the hassle of searching for a contractor when you are ready to start your home exterior renovations. You will likely do it yourself. There are numerous companies online that you can consult with for your exterior renovations. 

If you choose a company for any of the above renovations, ensure that you communicate your options effectively. This will ensure that the experts provide the highest quality materials and do the installation with the most effective techniques.

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