5 Forklift Models You Can Purchase For Your Workplace

Are you looking to increase productivity in your workplace and make your employees’ jobs easier? Then purchasing a forklift near me might be just what you’re looking for.

Not only do they help with the lifting of heavy loads, but they can also save time and labor costs. This article will cover several different forklift models that can meet all kinds of needs for any size business. 

With these great models, there is sure to be one from Discount Forklift that fits right into your workspace.

1. Sit-Down Forklift

A sit-down forklift is designed with a comfortable seat and overhead guard to protect the operator while driving inside or outside the warehouse. One of its main benefits is its excellent visibility thanks to its ergonomic design, allowing operators to navigate safely while reaching up high or on narrow aisles. This forklift near me enables easy access to most spaces due to its adjustability, making it convenient and efficient with tight turns and loading some of the heaviest items.

2. Stand-Up Electric

This type of forklift has far fewer emissions than comparable gas or diesel forklifts, so that it can be used safely even indoors. With high speeds and a hefty lifting capacity, the stand-up electric forklift can work quickly without sacrificing accuracy or safety. The operator’s comfortable position helps reduce fatigue during long shifts, making fewer mistakes and enhancing productivity overall.

3. Reach Truck

A reach truck forklift model allows workers to gather items from tall racks, making it ideal for narrow aisles and busy warehouses. The most significant benefit of the Reach Truck forklift is that it can turn within a very small space, meaning confined areas such as between aisle shelves can be easily traversed with this forklift model. These forklifts have high load capacity, allowing operators to transport multiple pallets simultaneously, helping minimize the time needed for forklift operations.

4. Order Picker

The order picker is ideal for any work that needs to move goods quickly and efficiently. It is capable of fast forklift operation and has an ergonomically designed, operator-friendly platform with a spacious keyboard area and smart joystick controls. With this forklift option, operators can easily reach higher racking levels, and warehouses can store goods safer and faster than ever before.

5. Walkie Stackie

The versatility of a walkie stackie allows it to move easily through tight spaces that other fork truck models cannot navigate. It also features an adjustable platform, allowing it to handle various loads ranging from pallets to containers. This forklift is ideal for heavier workloads such as shipping and storage. Its low height assists in accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Invest In A Forklift Near Me For Your Workplace: In Conclusion

Buying a forklift near me is a big decision. You have to decide which model to purchase and what type of power source is best for your needs. We hope this guide has helped you understand the options available and given you the information you need to make an informed decision about which forklift near me model is suitable for your workplace. Thanks for reading.

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