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6 Ways You Can Customize Your Brass Range Hood to Fit Your Kitchen

As you remodel your kitchen, the appliances you choose will make a difference to the aesthetic and functionality of your food preparation space. Although remodels often focus on counters and cabinets, it’s equally important to consider the appearance of your range hood. 

A range hood hangs as a focal point over the stove, often the first thing someone sees when they enter the room.

For the best aesthetics and functionality, you should consider brass range hoods. They are high quality and highly customizable. Here are a few ways you can customize your range hood:

  1. Choose the type of hood you need.

You should start by choosing the type of hood you need. Some hoods are suitable for the outdoors, and others work for both family kitchens and commercial applications. 

  1. Decide how you will mount your range hood.

You will find range hoods that mount on the wall or over the kitchen island. If you have a smaller kitchen without ventilation ducts, you can also find range hoods that mount under the counter to filter and recirculate the air.

  1. Select from many different styles.

Brass range hoods come in many styles, including bell-shaped artisan designs, classic fluted designs, boxy designer looks, and a modern triangular aesthetic. Many designs have additional features like a stove pipe, straps, rivets, and molded crowns to add additional beauty and character to the piece.

  1. Customize the finishes.

One of the best parts of creating a custom range hood is choosing from various finishes. Brass range hoods come in brass, of course, but you can also choose finishes in blues, yellows, reds, greens, neutrals, and other metallic tones. You’ll also find a variety of textures, like matte and pebbled finishes. You can customize the finishes of the straps, rivets, and crown separate from the color you’ve chosen for the main piece.

  1. Measure for custom sizing.

Brass range hoods are custom crafted by artisans upon order. Unlike mass-produced range hoods, you measure and receive a range hood in the exact size needed for your kitchen. Be sure to measure a little wider than the width of the stove and ensure the bottom edge of the unit will have enough clearance height.

  1. Choose the size of your fan.

Lastly, you want to select the size of your insert fan based on the width of your ventilation ducts. This last step will ensure the functionality of your brass range hood.

Purchase a brass range hood for beauty and functionality. 

Now that you’ve learned how to customize your brass range hood, you can get on the internet and easily create a custom range hood by sorting through styles and selecting options in easy-to-use dropdown menus. When you’re done, the company will send you a digital rendering of your exact selections for your approval. 

Your custom range hood will ship directly to your home for friends and family to admire for many years.

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