7 of the Best Vintage Film Camera Apps in 2022

Nowadays technology is growing very fast and making our lifestyle easy. There is a huge impact in every sector of our life.

Even when taking pictures, now I do not really need a film camera. We carry film cameras in our pockets.

There are a lot of film camera apps out there. In this article, we will tell you about 7 of the best vintage film camera apps in 2022.

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1.  Dazz Cam (Vintage Film Camera)

This is designed to make your analog film like the 80s. It has the capability to restore the texture, color, and noise of an image. It can also give an image a more authentic look with its host of light leakage effects.

There are some eye-catchy features such as a fisheye lens, a self-streamer, flash colors, and exposure adjustment. You can even superimpose two images over the tip of each other. This is very much suitable for content rides.

2.  Huji Cam

The second one on our list is Huji Cam. It is a recreation of the disposable camera from 1998. The simulation it has is fairly convincing because of an overall contrasted loo, color fringing, light leak effects, etc.

You will not be able to import your own images or process them, you will have to shoot the image with Huji. And then you can process them. Only the camera is free. The use is on you. You will need to know how to use the features.

3.  FIMO

The most amazing part of it is the many types of film roll options. It also has a community where you can show your work and also see other artists’ work. It also allows you to import pictures from your gallery. You can also export it and share the college file. The film details make it look more authentic.

4.  Nomo

It is a very amazing app for camera enthusiasts. You can use it at very ease. It is one of my favorites. You can use their preset looks for your image. Also, it lets you choose a pre-existing app. This makes the best polaroid pictures. You will be pleased with the result for sure. It has a unique feature, if you shake your phone the speed of the process increases. It is available on both android and ios.  

5.  Calla Cam

The best part of it is that it can make the best imitation of a cheap 35mm point-and-shoot camera. It has a little bit of a mixture of Korean and English languages. This app is a bit confusing because of the button configuration.

It has some different types of films. But you will be able to get only one for free. The presets it has, looks very good on the images.

You will not find any light leaks and the colors are also warm. You will be able to see a fair amount of grain.

The features are really impressive. You will be able to unlock the whole set of photo controls from touch to focus. Manually you can control your focus using the ring which is near the shutter button. You can import your iPhone images into it. 

6.  1998 Cam

This app became very popular in 2019. It also offers the effect of a 1998 disposable film camera. This is available on both android and ios. This app has a higher user rating in the google play store than Huji.

You can even edit your pre-existing picture in the free mode of the app. You will be able to enjoy all the amazing features along with it.

If you get to see the app, you will find a large range of pictures, glitch effects, scratch effects, light leaks, overlays, etc. The app also helps you automatically when you edit your picture the way you want.

7.  Retro Camera +

This is the last one on our list. It is a free app. For the Instagram user, it is a very good option. I will make your picture look very old. It has more than 40 effects.

You can directly share your picture on social media through it. It has a flash mode, camera filters, and many more exciting features. You will find more than 30 networks available.


Now you know about 7 of the Best Vintage Film Camera Apps in 2022 through our article. I hope we could make you understand which one is the best for you. You should choose one of them according to your needs and work. And also if you want to learn languages, have a look at AmazinTalker.

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