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An Ergonomic chair has never been more critical than now; most people are working from home nowadays. Suppose you spend your days sitting at a desk; relaxing in a comfortable chair while having a long sitting day is essential. Therefore, investing in a good quality chair will ultimately pay off.

This time, we’ll look at one of the best gaming chairs on the market: Python Ergonomics. We were intrigued when this chair was first announced, and we’re excited to get our hands on it finally.

We have tested this chair from the end of last year, and now we’re ready to give you the full low-down. Is it worth the price? Will it suit everyone’s needs? Is the build quality up to par?

You’ll find out all that and more after reading our comprehensive review! Buy the Eureka Ergonomic Norn on Amazon for faster shipping.

Python Ergonomic Chair – Assembly And Features


The instructions for assembling the Python Ergonomic chair, like all Eureka Ergonomic products, are simple and easy to understand. They’re printed on a large piece of cardboard with clear pictures showing each step of the assembly process.

The entire assembly process was completed in less than 30 minutes.

The wheels fit comfortably into the base with slight pressure, while the piston quickly dropped into its designated place. The main base attached to the bottom of the chair was cut precisely to match each hole, and assembly only took minutes.

The only problem we encountered was the side covers included with the chair. They fit snugly, and we had to push down harder than anticipated to get them on. Although, they looked great once attached. The chair assembly was relatively straightforward, and one person could do it.

The chair was easy to assemble by one person, with no help for the simpler parts like the wheels and base armrests.

Seat Base


The seat is the first major innovation compared to other chairs on the market. It’s called a pebble seat, designed to make you want to sit in its center. A very slight forward incline also takes the pressure off your legs. Although the edges slope upward, the seat is wide enough to cross your legs or spread them out comfortably.

4D Armrest


The armrests on the Python Ergonomic are adjustable in 4 directions: up, down, forward, and backward. They also swivel outwards so you can rest your arms comfortably while typing or gaming.

Having the ability to adjust the armrests in all 4 directions means you can find the perfect position for each game or task.

For example, if you are playing a game, a first-person shooter, you might want the armrests to be lower, so you have more control over your mouse. In a real-time strategy game, you can set the armrests higher to simultaneously see the keyboard and mouse.

Thickened Foam Cushion

Better balance support and comfort effectively disperse the weight on the hips and thighs, which is suitable for long work or study hours.

Multi-functional Mechanism and Tilt Adjustment

You can adjust the multi-functional tilt mechanism’s height and angle to make you comfortable. The backrest can be reclined from 90°to 135°. You can lean back when you push the lever in, and when you pull it out, you can lock the backrest in place.

The backrest can be tilted back to 135 degrees and locked at any angle between 90 and 135 degrees. This is an excellent feature if you want to take a break from sitting upright, lean back, and relax.

Python Ergonomic Chsair – Material

The chair is upholstered with a high-quality and durable fabric tested for strength, color resistance, and flame resistance.

The base and frame of the chair are constructed out of aluminum with a textured coating. There are two layers of springs underneath the seat, and more layers of foam before the fabric is added on top for comfort. The wheels are made of nylon and are designed to be sturdy and durable.

All this is to say that Eureka Ergonomic doesn’t just slap a cheap fabric on a cheap frame. Eureka Ergonomic provides a 05-year warranty because they trust in the quality of their product. This is especially important considering that many competitors only offer one-year warranties (or none at all).

We’ve only had this chair for a short while, but it already feels well-made. All the materials used in this chair have been tested for safety and durability.

Python Ergonomic Chair – The Feel


The thing that caught our attention is how great the Python Ergonomic chair feels temperature-wise. If you sit in an ordinary office chair for an extended period, usually your backside starts to feel uncomfortably warm after some time; we have never experienced that issue with Python. Also, it never feels too chilly when you sit down after accidentally leaving the window open during winter.

We appreciate how ‘cloudy’ the whole thing feels. The seating area has two layers of springs underneath it, but thanks to additional layers of foam and fabric with just the right amount of stretch, you get the feeling that you’re constantly gently supported with just enough strength for me.

Not only is the backrest flexible, but it also looks quite futuristic with its design, though that’s not simply for show.


Python Ergonomic Chair – Negatives

While some areas could be improved, such as

  1. For example, the armrests could be padded with softer material; overall, it’s a good product.
  2. One potential downside (depending on your tolerances for this kind of thing) is that the backrest isn’t silent. It doesn’t creak, but you can hear the material flexing when you move around. However, this didn’t bother us, and it’s no more pronounced than other chairs. We’re just mentioning it to be complete.

Final Thoughts

Now the most important question is, is it worth the money? Absolutely.


If you’re looking for a good quality, comfortable, and adjustable ergonomic office chair, we highly recommend the Python Ergonomic Chair. It’s well-made with high-quality materials, comfortable, and comes with a 05-year warranty. You really can’t go wrong with this choice.

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