3 Most Beautiful Neighborhoods to Live in New York City.

Today New York City is the largest metropolitan city in the USA with a multilingual population, thousands of sightseeings, and beautiful neighborhoods. There are 59fifty-nine community districts with various buildings, parks, and people. Everyone once in their lifetime dreamed about living in NYC, but if you decided to move to this vast city of skyscrapers and old streets, take a look at the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York City that we chose to present. 

What are the most stunning neighborhoods in NYC?

Suppose you decide to move to New York City, many options to choose from. Besides considering the location to be comfortable, near office and grocery stores, here is also an esthetical part of it. People want their district to be comfortable and beautiful, rich with parks and attractions, clean streets, and fresh air. 

According to the 2017 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey, New York City’s population is approximately 8.4 million people living in 3.1 million households, with 59 community neighborhoods. So, among all the beautiful places in New York City, we’ve chosen the top three beautiful neighborhoods. Even if you want to find short term rentals in NYC, take a look at these attractive neighborhoods.  

New York

Upper West Side, Manhattan

It’s a fact that you couldn’t find a more picturesque location in Manhattan. Maybe because this neighborhood is enriched with the greenest areas in NYC, it’s replaced between two famous parks: Central Park and Riverside Park. 

There are also many fabulous boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, but on the other hand, there are many quiet streets where you can enjoy your day off with a cup of coffee. This neighborhood also has playgrounds and grade schools for children. So it’s one of the best places to feel the authentic atmosphere of New York

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

This neighborhood is well known as the one of the most beautiful parts of Brooklyn. It’s also the first historic district of NYC, so the buildings are primarily old here. However, being located between the East River and Cadman Plaza Park means you cangives a chance to admire beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline and other famous monuments. Brooklyn Heights has tranquil neighborhoods, and if you enjoy the slow rhythm of daily life, this neighborhood is perfect for you. 

Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights is one of the most multinational neighborhoods in NYC. There are more than 150 different languages in the neighborhood that residents speak. This active and vibrant neighborhood is full of playgrounds and parks where you can enjoy your evenings.If you are looking for a family-friendly place to live, Jackson Heights is definitely for you. 

Besides all, it’s pretty easy to find affordable apartments in this neighborhood. 


New York is a very diverse city, which gives it uniqueness and attractiveness. There are so many attractions and sightseeings to see here, but it’s also essential to choose a beautiful spot if you want to live here. 

Besides other components to consider before moving to NYC, we suggest you look at these three attractive neighborhoods among the other appealing locations in New York City.

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