Factors that Influence Sump Pump Repair Prices

Repairs of submersible sump-pumps are usually more difficult than repairs of pedestal sump pumps. You can easily find companies offering such services, there are many, Google “sump pump repair in Toronto” and select a professional in your city.

Sump Pump Condition and Age

The expected life expectancy for a submersible sump-pump is seven years. Pedestal sump pomp lasts for about 10 years. Sometimes parts can be difficult to locate if the sump pumps is very old. You may need to repair the sump pump if you have other issues like rust.

Problems of a greater extent

Your sump pump’s performance is dependent on the condition of its discharge lines. A blocked discharge line or sump pump can cause problems that extend beyond the sump pump, which could lead to digging.

Electrical work

All sump pumps are required to be plugged into GFCI outlets.

If it is an electrical problem, an electrician will need to repair or replace either the GFCI outlets or the wire connecting the outlet to the circuit breaker or electric service panel.

It costs $140-$160 to replace a GFCI socket with an existing wire.

Common Sump Pump Repairs

Stuck Sump Pump Float

The water level in the sump pit determines whether the plastic floating triggers the pump to turn the pump on or off. Like a toilet tank’s plastic flotation, the sump pumps float must work freely. A minimal charge should be incurred for loosening a float.

Broken or jammed float switch

The sump pump triggers the float button. Sometimes the switch can be removed manually if it becomes jammed. If the switch has become damaged, it can be repaired.

Inoperable Sump Pump Impeller

Sump pumps are screen-screened but debris can pass through the screen and jam an impeller that drives water. It is necessary to remove the pump from its sump pit in order to fix the impeller of a submersible sump.

Sump pump maintenance

Homeowners can complete many sump pumps maintenance tasks each year.

  • Unplug sump pump.
  • You will need to remove the sump pumps cover.
  • You should remove the sump pump.
  • You can remove the check valve.
  • Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the housing.
  • You can clean the inlet screen using a wire brush. The sump pump inlet screen should always be cleaned if it is being used often.
  • If suggested by the manufacturer, lubricate or oil the sump pumps.
  • Replace the check valve in the sump pumps, then put it back into the pit.

Sump pump repair costs

Sometimes it is better to replace the sump than fix it. This is especially true if the unit has reached or exceeded its expected lifespan. Costs to replace pedestal sump pumps can range from $400 up to $900 for an average of $650. Submersible sump pumps are available for replacement from as low as $800 up to $2,000; an average cost is $1,400

How to Choose the Right Pro for Your Sump Pump Repair

There might be waterproofing specialists or contractors that specialize in sump pump repairs, depending on the area. Sump pumps can also be repaired by most plumbers.

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