Features of professional headshots

Getting professional headshots will be very relevant if you are engaged in acting. Today, the competition for one or another role is quite large, so it is desirable to have your own portfolio, which will help to prove yourself from the good side. Headshots in NYC allows you to reveal your acting talents. If you have your own website, then you can post your quality photos there and showcase yourself in different roles. Often, directors can anonymously look at actors’ websites and see if they are suitable for this or that role, or not. 

The main advantages of professional headshots

Coming to a casting for a movie or TV series, it’s not uncommon for actors to get nervous and not be able to show themselves as well as they should. That’s why having headshots in New York City helps show off all of the actor’s talent. Sometimes producers ask to bring a portfolio, so you can immediately determine what other additional roles might be suitable for a particular actor. 

The main advantages of headshots in New York include:

  • quality image;
  • an opportunity to showcase your acting skills;
  • the availability of headshots in New York allows you to send photos to several film companies at once.

How to prepare for a photo shoot?

In order to get quality pictures, you need to choose not only the right outfit, but also the accessories. It is not necessary to choose clothes that will make you look fat or worse. It is best to choose costumes that you have already worn for certain photo shoots. As for accessories, they should look harmonious and complement the image.  For women it is better to use make-up carefully. You should not use too provocative shades, because it can simply spoil your image. Before the shooting you should get enough sleep, so your face will not be puffy, otherwise it could affect the quality of the photos. 

Professional Headshots by Lev Gorn

The quality of the photos determines how professional the photographer is. Lev Gorn is a well-known director, photographer, and actor in New York City. His extensive experience allows him to help every actor show his best side in the photo and reveal new facets of his personality. You can order headshots in New York by Lev Gorn on Lev’s personal website. 

For each client Lev Gorn chooses an individual approach, which helps to reveal even the most hidden facets of acting talent. If you wish, you can get a free consultation. To do this you need to fill out a form on the website. At a specified time you will be able to talk to Lev Gorn, who will help you decide which part of New York is best for a photo shoot. You can book a photo shoot on the GORNPHOTO website, by writing a message or making a phone call. A manager will take the call and sign you up for a photo shoot in New York. During the photo session you will feel confident and free.

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