Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Which One Is Better?

More than 240 million Americans view digital video on a regular basis.

If you want to get into digital video production, you need the right tools. And that should start with your video editing software.

But if you’re debating your options, which should you go with?

Let’s go through what you need to know when it comes to the differences between Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere.

Final Cut Pro

If you want to go fast, you’ll want Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is known as the fastest editing software for exporting and rendering, even if you’re using huge files. Plus, you can upload your videos straight to different platforms, rather than having to export your videos and then upload them somewhere else.

Final Cut Pro is also available for a one-time fee, rather than a subscription model like Adobe Premiere Pro. So, if you plan to edit videos for years to come, you can save money by going with Final Cut Pro.

However, Final Cut Pro is only available on Mac computers. So, if you have a PC, you’ll have to consider choosing a different type of editing software. If you have an older Mac computer or one with less RAM, Final Cut Pro tends to run a lot more smoothly than Premiere.

Adobe Premiere

Most major companies go with Adobe Premiere Pro over Final Cut, and for good reason. More people are trained in Premiere, so it’s become more of go-to choice. 

You can manage all different file types at once in Premiere, so you won’t have to upload any other audio or images to a separate platform before you add them to your video. The color correction tools in Premiere are more sophisticated than Final Cut if you anticipate color changes will be a major part of your editing process. 

When you pay for Adobe Creative Crowd, you also get access to a wide variety of different software and resources. You can use Adobe Aftereffects to create sophisticated motion graphics, or Photoshop to perfect the photos you want to add to your completed video.

There are smaller tools you can use, too. For example, there is a tool that allows you to remove background from an image with ease.

There are drawbacks to Adobe Premiere, however. It tends to crash a lot more than Final Cut, so if you don’t regularly save you may lose your worse. Adobe Creative Cloud updates can cause problems for your computer, and for your previous projects.

Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Decide Today

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons of Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere, you’ll be able to choose the video editing program that’s right for your needs.

Do you need more help making your videos as good as they can be? Some of our other posts on editing, production, and more may be able to help you out. 

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