Troubleshooting Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems and Flexsteel Power Recliner Problems Solved

As a Flexsteel power recliner owner, you likely experienced the comfort and luxury of its plush upholstery and customizable seating positions. However, even the finest power recliners can develop issues over time that prevent you from thoroughly enjoying your chair. Not to worry,” most common Flexsteel recliner problems can be easily diagnosed and repaired.

In this article, we walk you through troubleshooting six of the most frequent difficulties encountered with Flexsteel power recliners so you can get back to putting your feet up as soon as possible. With some basic mechanical knowledge and a few tools, you’ll be reclining in comfort again.

Common Problems With Flexsteel Recliners

If your Flexsteel recliner is malfunctioning or not operating correctly, the issue is likely due to one of the following common problems.

·       Power Supply Problems

The most frequent issues with Flexsteel power recliners involve the power supply or electrical components. Check that the recliner is plugged in, the outlet is functional, and the breaker controlling that outlet hasn’t tripped. If the motor hums but the chair doesn’t move, the power supply or motor may need replacement. Have an authorized service technician evaluate and repair or replace damaged parts.

·       LinkageProblems

The metal linkages underneath the chair enable the reclining mechanism to function. If the chair gets stuck in a position, won’t lock in the upright position, or makes odd noises when reclining, the linkages may be damaged or disconnected. That requires service by a trained technician to adjust, repair, or replace damaged components. Forcing the chair to recline when stuck could cause permanent damage.

By troubleshooting these two common issues with your Flexsteel recliner, you can resolve minor problems yourself or determine if professional service is needed to get your recliner functioning correctly again. With regular preventative maintenance, your Flexsteel recliner should provide many years of dependable comfort and support. Consult the Owner’s manual for model-specific guidance and warranty details.

Troubleshooting Tips for flexsteel power recliner problems

Suppose your flexsteel power recliner problems is malfunctioning—don’t despair. Many common issues can be resolved with some troubleshooting. Here are a few tips to get your favorite chair back in working order.

·       Checking the Power Supply

First, ensure the recliner is plugged in, and the outlet has power. If it is plugged into a power strip or surge protector, that device may have tripped, so check it as well.

·       Inspecting the Hand Control

The hand control communicates with the power supply to control the recliner. Confirm the hand control is securely plugged in, with no damage to the cord. Try unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in to reset the connection. If problems continue, the hand control itself may need replacement.

·       Checking for Obstructions

Something could obstruct the recliner mechanism, preventing it from fully reclining or returning upright. Gently rock the chair to release the obstruction, or have someone lift the footrest to check underneath. Clear any debris around moving parts.

·       Tightening Loose Connections

Over time, connections can come loose. Have someone slowly recline and return the chair while you observe the mechanisms underneath. Look for loose belts, chains, or hardware, and tighten them as needed with the appropriate tool.

How to Get Your Flexsteel Recliner Repaired or Replaced Under Warranty

How to Get Your Flexsteel Recliner Repaired or Replaced Under Warranty

If your Flexsteel recliner is malfunctioning or damaged within the warranty period, you can get it repaired or replaced. Flexsteel offers limited lifetime warranties on their recliners, so check your Owner’s manual or warranty information for the exact coverage details and length of your contract.

Be prepared to provide details about your recliner model, the purchase date, and the issues you’re experiencing.Flexsteel may send a technician to your home to inspect and repair the recliner at no cost. If the damage is covered under warranty and repairs are impossible, Flexsteel will replace your recliner. In some cases, Flexsteel may request that you ship your recliner to their repair center for servicing or replacement. Flexsteel will cover all shipping and handling fees as part of the warranty.

To expedite your claim, have available any original documentation about your recliner purchase, including:

·       Receipt or invoice showing the purchase date, model number, and price paid.

·       Owner’s manual, which includes warranty details.

·       Photos clearly showing the issues with your recliner.

Providing as much information as possible about your recliner issue will help Flexsteel resolve your claim promptly. While waiting for repairs or replacement, avoid using the malfunctioning recliner to prevent further damage. With proper care and maintenance, your Flexsteel recliner should provide you with comfort for years.


Ultimately, most Flexsteel recliner issues can be resolved with troubleshooting and maintenance. Regularly inspecting your recliner, keeping the moving parts lubricated, and adjusting or tightening parts as needed will help prevent problems and keep your recliner functioning well for years. If issues arise, try cycling through the troubleshooting steps outlined before calling for professional repairs or replacement. You can get flexsteel recliner problems back with some patience and DIY fixes to provide comfortable relaxation and support. By catching issues early and maintaining your recliner correctly, you’ll extend its lifespan and ensure it remains a bright and active part of your home.

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