How To Become A Life Coach? What You Need To Know

Life contains ups and downs such that someone can navigate their path easily at one moment and be unable to figure out the next move after a while. Under such circumstances, one needs a life coach for easy navigation.

A career in life coaching is ideal for anyone skilled at identifying obstacles, designing plans, and helping people reach their full potential. This profession is gaining popularity, with the International Coach Federation statistics revealing over 50000 practitioners globally. However, while many people are passionate about helping others, few know how to go about the process of becoming a certified professional.

Here is all you need to know about becoming a life coach.

Steps To Take On How To Become A Life Coach

If you are wondering how to become a life coach, follow the steps below and start your dream career.

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

Coaching is a wide field, and selecting a niche enables you to target and market your services to a specific clientele. Specialization also builds your customers’ confidence in your expertise on their unique challenges. Some areas you can specialize in as a life coach include career, business, romantic relationships, spirituality, aging, and general wellness.

Step 2: Sign Up To A Training Program

Once you decide on your niche, your next step on how to become a life coach is to sign up for a training program. Training provides perspective and principles of coaching. For the best results, consider accredited programs by institutions like the iNLP Center.

Step 3: Apply For Certification

After completing your training, you can get credentials through professional bodies like the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and ICF. Credentials demonstrate high standards, and having them will boost your client base. Getting a certification, for instance, by the ICF will require you to have at least 500 hours of experience with 25 clients.

Step 4: Set Up Your Business

Part of how to become a life coach is setting up a coaching business. Contacting a lawyer when making this decision is advisable to ensure you choose an entity matching your practice. A sole proprietorship or limited liability (LLC) is advisable when starting a new coaching business.

Some of the documentation you will need to make your life coach dream a reality include the following:

  • File articles of your organization
  • Business name
  • Business License
  • Payment of applicable fees

Step 5: Decide On Coaching Packages

In your sales and marketing plan for your coaching business, create coaching packages for specific issues by outlining the problems you help to solve. Giving clients a clear image of the expectations helps them view your life coaching business as offering solutions.

Step 6: Get To Work

Getting to work is the last but most important step. In this stage, you will proactively advertise and attend networking events to expose your business to potential clients. You can also request testimonials from your regular clients and use them for your website and promotional materials.

Become A Professional Life Coach

Becoming a life coach is a rewarding yet challenging career path. Your personality should match the job backed by a business mindset since you will get your income from this career like any other job. Therefore, ensure you make the right academic and training investment in the initial stages, as clients always settle for the best reviews.

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