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In the professional world, we have precious few ways to ensure that our first impressions mean everything we want them to.  Whether we are submitting a job application or making a profile on a business website, or anything in between, it is critical that we can put our best foot forward.  How can we achieve that?

Obviously, there are many different methods, and perhaps the best option is to use all of them in tandem.  A key factor in that is to have a proper picture of yourself to represent who you are in a professional sense.  These are often called headshots or portraits. 

Something to keep in mind is that there are specific techniques and expectations that come with having a professional headshot displayed on a profile.  If you would like to learn more about what that entails, and why they are so important, make sure to stay tuned.

What Are Professional Portraits?

The first thing is to define professional portraits – wherever you are, they will be pretty much the same.  Naturally, this includes Vancouver.  Essentially, they are high-quality photographs that aim to capture the essence, character, and professionalism of an individual or group – usually an individual, though.


As we have hinted at, these portraits are typically taken in a controlled studio environment or on location by professional photographers skilled in this specific type of portraiture.  You can find some examples of this process with Simon Rochfort Photography, though there are plenty in the Vancouver area that you can check out. 

There are many different techniques and styles that we can go for when we have a headshot taken, and a lot of that will depend on the specific photographer we use as well as the mood or impression we’re looking to give with the photo itself.  A few examples of this could be the facial expression we use, the background color used, or even the lighting for the photograph.

Overall, when choosing a professional photographer, it can be helpful to decide on those sorts of things beforehand.  What type of background do you want, and what level of professionalism are you striving for?  The portfolios on these websites can give you a sense of what to expect out of a photographer and help you decide if they will be the right fit for you.

Why Do Professional Headshots Matter?

Now that we’ve explored what this style of photography is, let us take a look at why they are so important in the professional world.  As we mentioned, one of the biggest reasons is to help make a positive first impression.  What is all involved there, though? 

Personal Branding

One of the biggest facets at play here is that you can utilize a professional headshot to help establish personal branding.  When you have this style of photograph as your profile picture on networking websites and job applications, it helps employers and other professionals get a sense for who you are and what they can expect.

It is surprisingly important to cultivate a personal brand.  It helps us forge an identity.  The contacts we make will remember us in part thanks to personal branding, and having a professional headshot can really help to seal the deal there.


Another instance where headshots can shine is if we are building a professional portfolio for acting or modeling.  Having these types of glamourous photographs that still exude polish and expertise is a valuable resource for certain.  Of course, there may be a concern that some of these photographers do not cater to this sort of patron.

Thankfully, this is not the case in most instances.  Plenty of professional photographers will also offer services such as makeovers, hair styling, or makeup to give a Hollywood appearance right there in the studio, should you wish to purchase it.   

Marketing and Advertising

The final way that these types of photos can be impactful, at least for today, is simple: in marketing and advertising.  There are some examples of that here: if you are curious.  Essentially, though, these photos can be utilized in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Typically, they will be used for things such as billboards, newspaper advertisements, or banner ads on websites.  Either way, having a professional portrait can give you an air of expertise and knowledge that will bring more customers in and entice them to your business – depending on the sort of goods and services you are selling, of course. For instance, many lawyers and law firms will utilize professional headshots to display themselves to their clients in advertisements and put their best foot forward, so to speak.  Whatever the reason for getting a headshot, though, make sure to pick a photographer that can bring exactly what you need to the table.

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