How To Take Proper Care of Your Koi Siamese Betta Fish?

Keeping a koi betta fish is a pretty big responsibility. Koi betta fish are known for being able to recognize their owners or primary caregiver as well as other members of their family or household. That’s because, unlike most other fish, they can think and feel. This means that for your new pet to be happy, you must be willing to make an effort to interact with them regularly, feeding them and keeping them mentally stimulated at all times. If you are thinking about getting one of these beautiful and unique fish as a pet, there are several things you will need to know before taking on such an awesome responsibility.

What does a Koi Siamese Betta fish look like?

You may have heard the phrase “big fish in a small pond”. When it comes to koi betta fish, it’s more like “big fish in a small bowl”. While they are beauties, they are very tiny fish, usually only growing to be about as big as the width of your finger. They are covered in beautiful, striking colours, from shimmering greens and blues and reds to black, gold, white and even pink and purple. They have long, flowing tail fins and long, flowing fins on their sides as well. Their eyes are a vibrant, bright colour that will almost certainly be the first thing you notice about them.

How to take care of your new koi betta fish.

As I said, koi betta can recognize human faces, so you’ll want to pick out a bowl that is large enough for them to be able to turn around and stretch their fins. Be careful that it is not too deep, as they usually like to stay close to the surface. Feed them high-quality, nutritious food that has been made just for tropical fish. You want to make sure that your betta is getting the proper nutrients and vitamins to aid in its growth and development.

Also, make sure you clean their bowl and replace the water regularly. Betta prefers to have clean water, just like humans do. Bettas are very similar to humans in many ways, including their need for a clean environment. Bacteria can grow in stagnant water, and if your fish ingest it, it can cause them to become seriously ill or even kill them. So, make sure you are changing their water regularly and keeping it clean so that both you and your fish stay healthy.

Why keeping a koi siamese betta fish is so important.

As we’ve seen, koi betta fish are very intelligent. They learn how to communicate with their owners and other members of their family or household. What’s more, they are also very social creatures and prefer to be in groups of at least three or more. So, when you keep just one lone fish in a bowl, you are essentially keeping a lonely, bored, depressed fish. They need company of their kind as well as a lot of attention and love from their owner.

When you keep a koi siamese betta fish, you are not only keeping a beautiful, unique pet, but you are also giving a fish a home that would otherwise not have one. Some aquarists are actively hunting for koi betta fish. They use them for breeding and then kill off all but one or two of the offspring. The rest are killed for their scales, which are used in creating decorative items. By keeping a koi betta, you are helping to prevent this from happening to so many innocent fish.

Tips for finding the right home and environment for your koi betta.

First and foremost, don’t keep your koi betta in freshwater. They are tropical fish and need to be kept in a warm, tropical environment with fresh, clean saltwater. Tap water is full of chemicals and minerals that can harm or even kill your fish. Instead, use bottled water or water that has been run through a filter to remove the impurities. Be sure to change the water regularly as well to keep it clean and free of bacteria. Be sure to get a bowl that has plenty of room for your fish to move around and swim comfortably.

Betta likes to stay close to the surface, and you don’t want to give them poor swimming room by keeping them in a too-deep bowl. Another important thing to remember is that koi betta are very social creatures who like to have company. Keeping just one fish in a bowl is like keeping a human in a tiny, dark room alone with no one to talk to. Don’t do that to your fish. Instead, find a bowl that is big enough for at least three koi betta fish.


The koi betta fish is a beautiful and intelligent creature that has been unfairly treated for far too long. In the past, they were often kept in tiny bowls that were way too small for them and treated like little more than house ornaments. No fish should be treated that way. If you are thinking about getting a koi betta fish, you should do so with the knowledge that these fish deserve to be loved, cared for and kept in an appropriate environment. They are so much more than just decoration.

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