Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed in No Time

Today, dealing with slow Wi-Fi speeds can be a nightmare that can haunt you in unimaginable ways. Be it any online activity, a smooth internet connection is necessary to ensure a smooth online experience. A wonky internet connection is no good, and this is why we have curated this article to help you out.

There can be different reasons why you may be facing lousy Wi-Fi signals lately. To fix them, it is imperative to point them out first. We will be describing many causes that can cause your internet to act lousy, along with their solutions to help you out.

By the end of this article, you will be able to pinpoint the issue you are having with your internet and fix it right away. Without waiting any longer, let us get started instantly.

Have a Look at Your Current Internet Speed

Before you get to know the possible reasons why your internet speeds are low, it is best to check what your current speed is. This can help in two ways. One, the result of an online internet speed test will let you know if the speed you are getting is the same as what your ISP should be offering you. This way, if the speed does not match, contact your ISP customer support, such as Clearweb customer service, and take up the issue with them.

Two, with the internet speed results in your hand, you can conduct the test after every step to see if there is any difference. Multiple websites can help you test your current internet speeds. When you have the internet speed test results ready, proceed to the journey below to increase your internet speed.

  1. Reboot Your Router

It is one of the most common tricks, and might even sound like the obvious. When you switch off your router and unplug it from the source to plug it in again later, it refreshes the router and it surprisingly starts working like a new one. If rebooting the router is no help, check where it is placed in the house.

  • Place Your Router in a Good Place

Your router must be placed in the perfect spot. What’s the perfect location? A place near the ceiling without any walls and obstructions anywhere near it. This way, the signals can reach your devices seamlessly.

You should know that routers send signals in all directions, so installing it somewhere in the corner won’t do any good. It will not be fair to expect full signals when your router is placed in the corner of your home. The best place for the router in a house is right in the middle. This way, it can send signals even to the upper floors.

Lastly, you should also try adjusting the router antennas. Try taking multiple online internet speed tests by adjusting the antennas in different positions until the speed is perfect.  

  • Have a Look at Your Internet Cables

For consistently top-notch internet performance, cable integrity is crucial. Checking internet cables when you experience poor internet speeds can help determine what’s wrong. If the cable has bends, tears, or punctures, it may be why your internet’s been lousy lately.

If you have pets and kids in your house, you must be extra careful and ensure your internet cable wires are not hurt in any way. The best thing is to keep such cables out of their reach. The internet cables outside the house are not always protected too as there’s always a risk of wild animals messing them up.

Birds and critters can also damage the cables, in which case you should call your ISP to get the cables fixed or replaced. Underground cables are fun and games until heavy rains or construction work happens. Being extra careful around internet cables helps, but in some cases, there is nothing you can do, and there’s only one thing to do in such cases, call your ISP.

  • Get an Ethernet Cable

Wi-Fi is indeed pretty convenient, but not for everyone. For example, people living in environments not best-suited for wireless connections have to consider another alternative. If you reside in such an area, we suggest you connect your devices through an Ethernet cable.

The Ethernet cables are more reliable since there is no resistance, such as relying on air transmissions. It is a great idea to connect your devices like computers, laptops, and smart TV through Ethernet cables and experience a flawless internet connection in no time.

Moreover, connecting to any internet service provider, such as Clearwave fiber through Ethernet wires will make you see a considerable boost in speed when you download large files, play online games, and stream movies & TV shows.

  • Purchase a Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extenders, as their name suggests, can extend the Wi-Fi network’s coverage, and they are primarily used in big houses. If the home you live in is big or it has multiple stories, you might be getting lousy Wi-Fi signals. So if you are not planning to use all your smart devices while sitting near the router all day, you should consider buying a Wi-Fi extender.

A Wi-Fi extender will boost the Wi-Fi signal and help you get good internet speed in rooms that previously had poor signal coverage. However, when buying a Wi-Fi extender, ensure it is compatible to work with your router.

Lastly, you need to know that Wi-Fi extenders will not increase internet speed. The speed will remain the same that you were getting; it will only improve the Wi-Fi signals for you.

  • Block ISP Throttling

Most internet service providers throttle the internet connection, which results in sloth-like speeds. ISP throttling is done to reduce bandwidth congestion and regulate network traffic. Different ISPs provide an explanation as to why they throttle the internet connection. According to them, throttling helps them provide a stable internet connection to their customers.

The throttling is done mainly during rush hours when you are trying to download large files, stream online, or play games. A VPN can help you deal with ISP throttling. It hides your online activities and prevents ISPs from seeing what you do on the internet. If they are unable to monitor your online activities, they will not be able to throttle your connection either.

Wrapping Up!

The tips mentioned above will help you instantly increase your internet speed. However, if you have tried everything and still the internet speed is lousy, you should upgrade your internet plan. This will help you choose the internet speed that you need. Maybe the current internet plan you have is now not enough to entertain all the users and devices that you have in your home.

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