Innovative Public Sector Cloud Solutions.

Government agencies in Australia and many other countries have taken advantage of hyperscale cloud platforms to create a number of innovative tech solutions in recent years. If your organisation is still not sure what cloud computing has to offer and you are still in the process of planning a migration strategy, you may find some of these solutions provide you with the necessary motivation to accelerate your plans.

Innovative public sector cloud solutions

Some of the more interesting public sector cloud solutions that we have come across are listed below, with some brief details of what each one involves.

  • Protecting African elephants — The Elephant Listening Project run by Cornell University is part of a global effort to protect the African elephant. The project collects a vast amount of audio data from the tropical rainforests in Africa that provide a home for many elephants. This data is stored and analysed with the help of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Sponsorship Program.
  • The Daffodil Centre — A joint venture between the University of Sydney and the Cancer Council NSW, the Daffodil Centre is migrating its cancer modelling research systems to Microsoft Azure. The aim of this cloud migration is to speed up the cancer research process by taking advantage of the advanced data analysis tools the platform has to offer.
  • Hongdandan Visually Impaired Service Centre — This Chinese non-profit organisation is also using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In this case, they are taking advantage of the text-to-speech functionality that is part of Azure’s AI offerings to produce accurate audiobooks for the visually impaired in China.
  • GeneDose LIVE — Coriell Life Sciences in Philadelphia, USA is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power their innovative gene analysis tool in the cloud. The aim of the programme is to enable healthcare providers to accurately determine which medications may be dangerous for certain patients to take. It also suggests alternatives in near real-time, helping medical professionals to deliver a safer, more efficient service.
  • CareBot — CareBot is a data entry app developed by New York Foundling to make life easier for social workers in the city. Whilst it may not sound like the most exciting use of cloud services, the app has streamlined the data entry process for thousands of social workers, enabling them to spend more time helping clients and less time submitting paperwork. CareBot uses the Microsoft Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Teams to speed up repetitive tasks.
  • CollPoll — The CollPoll platform, developed by the Indian organisation of the same name, is a web and mobile-based campus automation and digital learning/analytics solution. Designed to help Indian universities deal with increasingly complex administrative and academic responsibilities, CollPoll runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses the cloud platform’s powerful AI capabilities to solve the many issues that higher education institutions in India face today.

Whatever issues your organisation is facing and whatever your future aims are, you may well be able to achieve more than you thought was possible, with hyperscale cloud solutions.

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