Is A Wildcard ssl Right for Me?

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is a single, non-leveraged certificate that serves all of your domains. With this type of setup, if your site experiences downtime or other issues that may lead to visitors being unable to access content on your website, they will still be able to access other websites that currently use the same domain as yours. A Wildcard SSL Certificate cannot be used to replace a previously issued certificate.

Whether you are a business owner, developer or solopreneur, this certificate is a solution for you. Wildcard SSL certificates reduce the complexity and cost of managing your website’s SSL.

The Wildcard SSL is a verification certificate that can be used for multiple websites and applications hosted on the same server. One of the most reputable certificate authorities on the market right now is Comodo ssl. Comodo provides its customers all around the world with reliable website security at incredibly low pricing.

Wildcard SSL is a limited period certificate that covers all subdomains of the main domain. Wildcard certificates guarantee the same level of security and strong digital encryption across all parts of your website – which means your entire audience will have access to these benefits, even if they only visit your main site once!

With a wildcard certificate save your money and time

Wildcard SSL certificates save time and money. With a wildcard certificate, you are free to add more subdomains to the certificate as your online business expands without additional costs.

By having more subdomains under one encryption umbrella, you won’t have to spend time and money on the additional SSL Certs. If you want to grow your business, go wild by securing them all with a cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate!

Why to choose for your ssl wildcard certificate? is the most trusted ssl wildcard certificate provider in the world, they offer different level of security. has ever-expanding number of clients as well as billions of users, which is one of the reasons that why is necessary for every website who want to secure their self from hackers, cctld’s and payment gateways.

There are numerous variables to choosing an SSL certification authority. How to avoid pitfalls like having mis-configurations, being hacked and having certificates stolen? How can we ensure privacy while we are securing our website with a certificate so that only your visitors will trust them? And, how can we make sure that the source code of our site is available online? Here at, they have been providing secure SSL certificates for web applications since 2006. As one of the most trusted SSL providers in the world, their commitment has always been to uphold best practices and use innovative technologies to address certain challenges in the industry.

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