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Kerrisdale Cameras and Aralco Point of Sale Software

Kerrisdale Cameras is a family-owned full-line photographic retailer with eight locations in Victoria and Greater Vancouver. Its mission is to provide the best selection in Western Canada. Kerrisdale Cameras has an extensive selection of cameras, lenses, and accessories for the discerning photographer.

Aralco Retail Systems

Since 1961, Kerrisdale Cameras has been a landmark in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. With eight locations, Kerrisdale sells everything photo related, from cameras to flash cards. With so much inventory and high turnover, Kerrisdale can be a headache for an accountant. Aralco Retail Systems’ point of sale and back office software helps Kerrisdale keep order and provide accurate accounting data.

The Aralco POS system combines the features of a traditional point-of-sale system with the advanced capabilities of e-commerce technology. It offers real-time inventory control, built-in e-commerce technology, and 24-hour customer support.

Aralco’s point of sale

Since 1961, Kerrisdale Cameras has been a landmark in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. With eight locations across the province, the camera store has everything you want to know about photography and film. But keeping everything organized and generating accurate accounting reports has proven to be a significant challenge for the camera store’s accountant. Since then, Aralco’s point-of-sale software has been a massive help in keeping things in order.

Aralco’s point-of-sale software is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and can accommodate up to 250 stations. You can use it in a variety of industries. Initially, the company was commissioned to develop point-of-sale systems for a 40-store retail chain, but today, Aralco boasts an extensive client list across Western Canada.

Aralco’s inventory management system

Aralco’s inventory management system for Kerrisdale Cameras helps the Vancouver-based camera retailer stay organized and on top of its business. Its software is comparable to custom-built programs designed for large companies. In addition, it includes 24/7 live customer support and is available on desktop and mobile platforms.

Aralco offers cloud-based point of sale (POS) solutions that are easy to use and manage. The system also includes built-in e-commerce features to help businesses expand their business online. The POS software also integrates with other business systems like back office systems and accounting. The system also provides Real-Time Inventory Control and the ability to manage inventory levels and customers.

Aralco’s APIs

Aralco is excited to announce the release of its new Kerrisdale camera APIs. The software is comparable to custom-built software for a large company. These new tools make it easier to integrate Kerrisdale camera systems with existing systems and even to create a new system from scratch.

Aralco is a Canadian organization founded in 1982. The organization was commissioned in 1985 by a forty-store retail chain to develop and implement a point-of-sale system. This system allowed inventory management to be improved and streamlined. It also included a live customer support feature to answer questions. This software can run on both desktop and mobile devices.

Kerrisdale Cameras

Kerrisdale Cameras is a family-owned and operated photographic retailer located in the Greater Vancouver area. The family-owned business carries an extensive selection of film, lenses, cameras, and accessories. Their commitment is to provide the best customer service and selection in Western Canada. The store has seven locations in Greater Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

As one of British Columbia’s oldest businesses, Kerrisdale Cameras has been serving the Vancouver and Victoria area since 1961. Today, they operate seven stores, carrying nearly everything related to photography. For Bob Hudson, managing inventory can be a real headache. Still, Aralco’s POS software allows him to accurately manage inventory at each location and send the information to his accounting team. Kerrisdale Cameras’ customer service representative, Brenda Turnbull, worked at another electronics retailer for many years and was impressed with Aralco’s POS software.

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