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Kodak Super 8 Camera

The Kodak Super 8 camera isn’t generally known, but the footage released at CES 2018 is very interesting. I tried to summarize the current situation including the kodak film camera update.

Kodak super 8 film camera

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Recent video equipment claims to improve the image quality of 4K and 8K, but
this time Kodak announced a new product of 8mm film camera!
Its name is ” Super 8 Camera

Besides, this film camera has an SD card slot and a USB port on the back, an HDMI port, and a digital viewfinder, so it’s quite a modern specification.
Can this be used?

Earlier, I reported on Kodak Super 8 camera at CES 2016, but I was wondering if it would really be commercialized. However, at this 2018 CES, the actual video was released, so it seems that it is steadily approaching realization. Film filming has been declining over the last few decades, but with the help of Hollywood directors and officials, Kodak seems to be steadily improving.

Kodak super 8 camera

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Below is Kodak super 8 camera real

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this camera is its ease of use. It feels like a new generation of filmmakers and V-loggers shooting on DSLRs will be reminded of shooting on Super 8 film. When you send the film you’ve shot to Kodak. The company uploads a digital file to the Kodak Darkroom website where you can download the footage and load it into NLE.

Despite its retro design, it has a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, variable speed, and C-mount. C-mount lenses are relatively affordable, and you’ll get vintage C-mount lenses for under $ 100.

Kodak has also posted a podcast where product manager Holger Schwaerzel and program director Steve Parsons talk about the new features and challenges of the kodak film camera.

For the latest information on cameras, You can view the Super 8 camera manufacturing official Campany (Kodak ) website .

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