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Logo development is necessary for any trademark or company . The logo is the central element of the corporate identity , on any products .

The logo is an integral part of the company’s brand, rather even its heart, because familiarity with the brand begins with the logo. It is the presence of a particular logo on the product that tells us about belonging to the brand.

There are several rules for creating a logo:






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The logo is a means of internal communications serving to unite employees of the same company. The logo is characterized by certain functions that are necessary for the prosperity of business in the market of goods and services. Attention is paid to the color scheme when forming the logo, as well as the requirements for the logo and the ways of its creation are determined. The logo is an image designation registered in accordance with the established procedure. The registered logo assumes the exclusive rights of the owner to use a symbol, a combination of letters and numbers or other devices.

The logo should attract the eye and attract attention. But with creativity, too, the main thing is not to overdo it, because in the end you get words that can be read in different ways, which makes confusion and does not contribute to memorizing the brand, and sometimes it can even put the organization in a bad light.

The logo should reflect the peculiarity and direction of the company’s activities, emphasize its strengths. Then it will work positively on the image of the company and contribute to the success of the business!

Corporate identity for an advertising agency is not just an important attribute, but really a vital necessity. Entering the market without your face is a rather risky step in a business where several thousand competitors operate. It is necessary to approach the work on promoting your own brand as carefully as when performing work for clients. In this article, we will discuss the specifics of promoting and creating a corporate identity for an advertising agency.

The easiest way to make a logo is already known is the usual typing of the selected headset, executed in any program that allows you to do this. And the main disadvantage of this method, as already noted above, is its ordinariness, which does not contribute to memorability in the consumer’s mind. To improve the situation (although not always dramatically) will allow the Method of one letter, which consists in the fact that an absolutely arbitrary letter in the word of the name is made different from others in size, color, headset or anything else.   

The developed corporate identity complements the logo with its elements, creating a single and universal block of information. The main distinguishing feature of the style is simplicity, rigor and memorability.

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