Professional Magic for Events

Professional Magic for events can be an effective marketing tool for companies or events. For example, magician Bob Ross can perform for a new product launch at a trade show, or incorporate a corporate message into his magic show. He is available to perform at corporate parties, company events, and theater productions.

Highlights of the first high-level Magic game played on camera

A year ago, the first high-level Magic game was played on camera, and the result was an explosive, heart-stopping match. The game was played in a stadium, so it was a unique opportunity for the audience to see what happens when professional players take to the floor. The broadcast was free and the players were having a great time concentrating on their game. However, when a bomb exploded, the Pro Tour-London was almost ruined. But with a lot of effort from the staff, everything was turned around. Drafts were free, and players were having an incredible time focusing on Magic.

Costs of traveling to a tournament

Traveling to a professional golf tournament is costly for all players. Since players play a minimum of 25 weeks a year, traveling costs can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Airfares, rental cars, and lodging are just some of the expenses involved. The location of the tournament can also influence costs. For example, the Arnold Palmer Invitational is played in Bay Hill in Orlando, Florida, which is a relatively close proximity to many players.

If you’re going to travel internationally, you’ll need to purchase airline tickets. Although you can get cheap flights to Augusta, Ga., your costs will be much higher if you are traveling on an international flight. You may also have to pay for your coach’s ticket. Fortunately, the ITF circuit allows you to find cheaper flights, as players are often flying domestically. For the same price, you can also find an affordable hotel.

Ticket prices also vary according to the location of the tournament. If you play on the PGA Tour or the European Tour, you’ll pay more per tournament than at the lower levels. Early developmental tours and the Korn Ferry Tour will also cost more. In contrast, mini-tours and state open tournaments will cost much less.

Cost of hiring a corporate magician when Magic for Events

Hiring a corporate magician for events can be a great way to keep your guests captivated throughout the evening. Corporate magicians are able to amaze audiences at any type of event and are great for both informal and stage shows. They have a variety of different styles, so be sure to consider your audience when choosing a corporate magician.

Costs for corporate magicians will vary by location and the number of attendees. A magician who performs locally will be more affordable than a performer who must travel to your event. A local performer will also save you the expense of a hotel room. Another factor to consider is the duration of the performance. Some magicians charge a lower rate for a thirty-minute close-up show than they do for an hour-long performance.

The cost of hiring a magician for events can vary, but a typical show can cost between $1,500 to $2,500. Some magicians have expensive costumes and require new consumables between performances.

Creating hype for your event

Hiring a professional magician for an event can be a great way to get the attention of your audience. A professional magician can anchor your message within the magic trick. In addition, hiring an experienced corporate magician can boost the attendance of your event. In fact, creating hype is a primary goal for many event planners.

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