Quick History of Reverse Phone Lookup:

Reverse phone lookup has been in use since the time of the invention of the telephone. It is used to get the details of the owner of any phone number, by just entering its digits in the search field of any internet-based phone directory. In case of any hindrance in knowing the owner of the number, there is an option of sending an anonymous SMS or placing a virtual collect call. Reverse phone lookup is a method of searching a telephone number to identify the name of its owner. This service started in the year 1990. This service was initially offered by web portals and by the year 2007, this practice was adopted by Google. In 2008, a reverse phone lookup service was introduced by Facebook and in the year 2009, Twitter also started offering this service. In the year 2009, Truecaller also started offering this service. In the present time, the discovery of people through their phone numbers is quite simple and easy. All that is needed is the phone number, which can be looked up in directories and in reverse phone lookup services. The information that is discovered is a combination of name, address, marital status, relatives, and friends. Must visit

How to Trace a Name by Phone Number?

A person can find out the name of a person by phone number by using the phone number search services available on the internet. There are various websites that offer such services to people. Learn more about reverse phone lookup and there are no charges to find the name of the owner of the phone number. However, the person is required to make a query in the form of a phone number. The person is required to fill in the phone number and submit the query. The result is displayed to the person on the website. The person can then get the name of the person by phone number. The person can find out the name of the person by phone number. One can easily trace the name of any individual with the help of his/her phone number. There are numerous ways of tracing the name through the phone number. You can actually trace the name of the individual by calling directly the number or you can do it through a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup helps you to get all the details of the individual such as name, address, and contact details.

How to Trace a Name by Cell Phone Number?

A cell phone number is a type of virtual telephone number (VTN), which is used for the wireless network in order to get connected with the mobile device of a subscriber. It is composed of the country code, the national identity code, and the cell phone number. The cell phone number is usually a 9 or 10-digit long number. Whether you are a journalist, a private investigator or a law enforcement officer, you will often require the means to trace a name by cell phone number. Getting a valid name from a cell phone number can be a difficult task and you need to be cautious in using the online service. You should be able to trace the owner of the cell phone number and not the number itself, as the owner might be using a different SIM card or even a different phone. Tracing the owner of the cell phone number is a challenging task as the accuracy of the result is also dependent on the type of data that is available for the owner.

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