Basenton are a leading freight services provider with expertise in shipping goods sea freight from china to canada. Our high quality, professional services is provided through competitive rates and prompt delivery. In order to meet your cargo shipping needs regarding whole Canada (port include Halifax,Hamilton,Montreal,Ottawa ) we have organized a vast network that holds the capability of accommodating economical, affordable, and reliable logistics plans. Our high quality services are not only limited to import and shipping from China to  Canada but also extends to pick up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, warehousing, consolidating and many more.

Basenton Logistics are a company that provides professional and perfect international logistics service and also deal with a wide ranges of freight forwarding services. Whenever you intend deliver your items shipping from China to Halifax,Hamilton,Montreal,Ottawa in Canada, we are here to provide you the best, affordable, efficient and trustworthy services so that you would not have to deal with any kind of inconvenience or fraud while delivering your cargo. We keep you updated about all the terms and regulations at the first place to ensure a quick and transparent service.

For better and more accurate freight quote to Canada from china, please feel free to contact us or fill in some details of your shipment, and soon our staff will offer you quotation based on what cargo information you submit.

Sea Freight & Container Shipping From China To Canada

If you’re looking for sea freight services to ship goods sea freight from china to canada, our Chinese international logistics company has got you covered.

We have established partnerships with major shipping lines (EMC,MSK,MSC,OOCL,WHL,COSCO,HMM ETC) and can offer competitive rates and efficient transit times.

Our ocean freight from China service provides a cost-effective solution for shipping large volumes of cargo to Canada. We offer both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) options to cater to the varying needs of our clients. We offer door to door, door to port and port to port transportation services sea freight from china to canada, depending on your specific needs.

Full Container Load – FCL Shipping from China to Canada

Basenton Logistics, An China Freight Forwarder, sea freight from china to canada, offer FCL ocean service to Canada in 20ft container and 40ft container, refrigerated containers, open-top containers, and flat-rack containers to accommodate goods of different sizes and types. Our refrigerated containers are ideal for perishable goods, while open-top containers are great for transporting large or bulky items. Whatever your shipping needs may be, we have a container type that will meet them

Less than a Container Load – LCL Shipping from China to Canada

If a shipment cannot fill an entire container, our ocean consolidation service sea freight from china to canada is always available. we will combine multiple shipments into a single container and deliver them to the destination port in Canada.

The cost of LCL consolidation is usually calculated based on the volume or weight of the cargo, whichever is greater. charging a minimum freight charge per cubic meter. Generally 1CBM=250KGS, if our cargo details as 500KGS with 1CBM, chargeable unit will be as 2CBM

DDU/DDP Service From China To Canada Door Service 

● Volumetric weight is charged at 6000 divided by 6000

● Single ticket can start from 21KG

● The weight of each shipment should not be less than 10kg

● Products and outer box should be marked “Made In China” for customs clearance.

● Single piece weight over 22KG add 180RMB per piece for overweight freight

With our door-to-door service you will be able to have your cargo delivered to different inland cities such as Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Toronto, Saskatoon and many others. Depending on the destination city, we will transport your cargo via the most convenient ports in Canada such as Vancouver, Halifax or Montreal.

Sea Freight Shipping Route From China To Canada

The sea freight route from China to Canada usually starts from the port of departure in China, such as Shanghai, Ningbo, or Shenzhen. The cargo will then be loaded onto a vessel that sails across the Pacific Ocean towards the Canadian ports, such as Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto. The route may vary depending on the shipping line, vessel schedule, and port of origin and destination.

The transit time for sea freight shipments from China to Canada can vary depending on the origin and destination ports, the type of vessel used, and any transshipment stops along the way. Generally, the transit time can range from 20 to 45 days, although it may take longer in some cases.

Our team can provide you with more specific information on the exact route and transit time for your shipment, depending on your requirements and cargo type. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to inquire about our sea freight services from China to Canada.

Shipping Time From China To Canada

here’s an updated table with sea freight transit times from major ports in China to major ports in Canada:

Port of OriginVancouverTorontoMontrealCalgaryEdmontonHalifax

Please note that these transit times are estimates and may vary depending on the carrier, route, weather conditions, and other factors. We recommend consulting with our team (China Shipping Company) to determine the most accurate transit time for your specific shipment.

Air Freight From China To Canada

The cost of air freight from China to Canada is calculated based on the weight, volume, and dimensions of the cargo, as well as the type of service requested. Our team will work closely with you to provide a customized solution that meets your specific shipping needs and budget. Factors such as the type of cargo, the urgency of the shipment, and the airline’s capacity will also affect the cost of the shipment.

When shipping by air, it is important to consider the packaging and handling of the cargo. We recommend using sturdy packaging materials and properly securing the cargo to prevent damage during transportation. It is also important to comply with all relevant regulations and restrictions regarding dangerous goods, restricted items, and customs requirements.

Our air freight service from China to Canada provides safe and reliable solutions for all your air transportation needs including time sensitive and high value commodities. Our shipping options include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services, among others.

Depending on the shipping route chosen, the average transit time for air cargo sea freight from china to canada is usually 3 to 7 days. This could vary in times when there is a high volume of cargo moving due to a higher demand in the market.

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire air freight process, from booking and documentation to customs clearance and delivery. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a seamless shipping experience for our clients.

Air freight DDU/DDP to door service:

● DDU service (duties and taxes are paid by CNEE)

● DDP service (taxes and duties are paid by Basenton)

● Cargo weight: 21kg – 100kg – 500kg – 1000kg – 2000kg – 10000kg

● The cargo was cleared by direct flight to Vancouver, Canada that night. After customs clearance, the cargo was handed over to UPS for dispatch.

A Bassenton Freight Forwarder is a company or individual that helps facilitate the movement of goods from their point of origin (China) to their final destination (Canada). Freight forwarders act as intermediaries between the shipper and various transportation services, Handle all aspects of the sea freight from china to canada process, including documentation, customs clearance, cargo booking, and tracking.

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