Solar Stores Near Me: How To Choose a Solar Installer

Solar installations have been popping up everywhere lately. Now that the price is lower than ever, it makes sense to invest and get a return on investment in a few years instead of a decade.

That’s why the amount of solar energy generation is higher than ever. Reports show it now accounts for 2.8% of all energy generation in the United States.

If you want a solar installation that works for your needs, finding solar stores near me that can do the job right is vital. Use the guide below to find the best solar installer you can.

Learn About Certifications

Before anyone can offer solar installation services, they must prove they can handle the work. It isn’t enough to claim you’ve studied and trained for the position. You have to prove it to the government.

The way this happens is with certification. Many solar installation certifications are available that help people prove they can handle the work.

Check into the certifications available and which ones are necessary to work legally. From there, you can get proof of certification to verify someone has the skill to work on your roof.

Stick to Local Providers

On top of needing certification to install solar panels, companies also need to work with the local government to get licenses. This is necessary because of the different building codes in each area. What’s permissible in one location may not be if you travel a few streets over.

Companies need to understand building codes and prove they can meet them before getting a local license. Before you hire a company, see if they have a local presence or do a lot of work in the area.

This is an excellent indicator that someone has the proper local licenses and won’t screw up your job.

Get Pricing Data

Now that you know where to look for solar installers, the next step is determining how much everything will cost. Don’t accept general quotes that are ballpark estimates. Give your requirements to an installer or have them inspect your home to see what kind of installation you need.

Try to get at least three quotes when going through this process. You can use this data to learn more about solar installer fees, panel costs, and other pricing considerations.

You also need to consider the tax credits available when looking at the price. A quote you see that appears too large may be worthwhile once you consider the tax credits you get the next year.

Check for Transparency

Having a transparent partner is critical to getting a good solar installer. Unfortunately, some home contracting companies don’t offer much insight into what they offer customers.

That leads to miscommunication and misleading contracts. You hire a company expecting a certain level of service but end up with less than you expected.

Everything should be clear in the work contract about the work being done. See how much insight a company offers into its process to better understand the level of service you’ll get.

Verify the Warranty

The last thing you want to happen when you install solar panels is for them to fail after the installation. The problem is that this can happen when you least expect it, even if you work with experienced installers.

Reputable companies know this and will stand by their work. You should have coverage for labor and hardware issues.

If you want to learn what a robust warranty is, check online to see if you can find examples. Compare the examples you find with the warranty offered by installers to ensure they do enough to cover problems.

Get an Installation Timeline

Unfortunately, there’s a worker problem in the home improvement industry. The number of skilled laborers is down, and it’s hard to bring in new workers who can quickly get up to speed.

This means there will be a wait time for your solar installation. The amount you’ll wait for will depend on how backed up the companies you speak with are.

Be sure to learn this before you sign up with a company. If you want to get the job done soon, you don’t want to wait forever for your chosen installer to get to the job.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Business insurance is a must for every business. It’s there to protect both the customer and the company against problems.

This is especially true in home improvement, where more severe accidents can happen. And when people are on your roof, it can lead to severe injury or property damage.

That’s why you can’t afford to work with a company with no insurance. You don’t want to be the one on the line when something bad happens when people are working.

Read Consumer Reviews

Reading consumer reviews is a must if you’re wanting solar panels and don’t know where to start your search for a reputable company. A quick search will give you a list of local companies and what other people think of their services.

Use those reviews to look for any red flags. One issue here and there may not be a big deal. But if you notice a pattern of problems, it’s a sign that you should avoid working with a company.

Solar Stores Near Me: Find a Reliable Contractor Today

You have much to consider when you buy a solar installation. You need to find reliable panels, look through your solar installer options, and determine which service will offer the best results. Unfortunately, these decisions aren’t always easy to make.

The good news is that you now have more information that will help you find solar stores near me. Continue learning about your local solar companies to find one that can provide fantastic service.

Check out the blog to learn more tips for tackling home renovation projects.

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