Things That a Photographer Should Not Forget on a Road Trip

A road trip can be the perfect opportunity to photograph a small town you do not know or some natural wonder on the outskirts of your city. Without a doubt, it is one of the activities that every photographer should do at least once in their life. Especially if landscape photography is something you are passionate about or if you want to document cultures and customs with your camera.

If you have already decided to take the road trip, here you can read some things you should not forget if you want everything to go perfectly. Follow the following recommendations and get ready for an unforgettable trip in which you can get out of your routine to photograph new people and landscapes.

Choose the Perfect Time

When we talk about choosing the perfect time, we are referring to the exact time when what you want to photograph is at its best. Everyone knows that the golden hour is usually at 5 pm but the lighting will always vary depending on where you are, and if you want to get the best photographs, in some cases, you will even have to get up early.

You need to research very well what time is best for you to photograph a landscape, whether you want to capture the morning mist or the twilight at dusk. You should also not forget that if you visit a tourist place, there will be times when it will be more crowded. You will probably have to arrive earlier than everyone else to take photos where people are not present. On the other hand, if you want to capture the faces of locals or visitors with your lens, you would better go during the busiest hours.

Carry Spare Batteries With You

One of the worst things that can happen to a photographer is to be in the middle of a beautiful photo shoot, receive the alert that the camera is running out of battery, and not have spare batteries. That is a mistake only a beginner would make, so you cannot let it happen to you. Always carry one or two extra batteries with you that are also charged, since if you are taking photos during the entire car ride, it is also likely that you will soon drain the battery without having anywhere to put it to charge.

More than being an expense, buying extra batteries for your camera is an investment. You could even buy them second hand to reduce the expense. Just make sure they are in good condition. You can also find imitation batteries that work perfectly in some second hand markets. It is just a matter of searching in the right places, on websites where other photographers sell equipment for cameras or perhaps even on a photographers’ forum where they sell used objects in good condition.

Get an Insurance for Your Car

Getting car insurance is one of the essential things to do before a road trip, but it is a step that many people overlook since they think what could happen?. No one is exempt from experiencing a car accident or some inconvenience on the road, so it is best to be cautious and anticipate incidents. There are many types of car insurance, and it is very likely that you will be able to find one that fits your budget and needs.

If you are looking for car insurance in Thailand, it is worth exploring the options that Mr Kumka offers. Before choosing the insurance you will ask for your car, try to research what type of incidents it covers, in what geographical area, and under what parameters. Knowing the limits of your car insurance will prevent you from getting an unpleasant surprise when you need to use it.

Install a GPS

You may think it is somewhat exaggerated, but you will be grateful when even in the most distant place, you can find your way thanks to this excellent help. This tool has a unique characteristic: its availability in remote regions where terrestrial communications do not reach. The signal connects the location equipment installed in the vehicle with several satellites, generating a triangulation that provides the exact position.

In a world where terrestrial cellular telephony has seemingly gotten all the attention, GPS technology is still relevant. It is so valuable that smartphone manufacturers equip many of their models with a GPS. That is, they have geopositioning by terrestrial triangulation but also satellite. GPS tracking mainly allows us to precisely know the location of any vehicle asset connected to the systems. Among the benefits are safety monitoring and optimization of the resources used, which translates into less gasoline consumption because you will never lose your route.

Do Your Checklist

You probably already know how annoying it is to leave an essential camera accessory at home. If you write your checklist and review it before leaving, rest assured that you will take everything you need with you. On paper, you will only have to write down all necessary accessories for a good outdoor photography session. You can write down your memory cards, spare batteries, flashes, and beyond your camera accessories, personal items that you should also carry with you such as your identification, hydration, credit cards, some medicine, and other essential things.


Whether you do it alone or with someone, taking a road trip is a unique experience that as a photographer you will love to do. For everything to go perfectly, there are several tips that you should follow and thus avoid many setbacks. For example, bring spare batteries for your camera, and also extra memory cards.

But it is not all about your camera. It is also essential that you get insurance for your car while you are traveling so that you will be prepared for any possible incident. Last but not least, you should carry your most important personal items. You can make a checklist so you do not forget anything and so you can enjoy your road trip to the fullest.

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