Top 5 Benefits of Using Web Hosting For Business.

Some companies in Australia still host their corporate websites on their own servers. Whether this is because they believe it offers them a greater degree of control or because they think it is the most economical solution is not always immediately apparent. However, in most cases, these businesses would be better off using a professional web hosting service that caters specifically to commercial organisations. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 benefits your company could enjoy by switching to a professional web host.

5 reasons to work with a commercial web hosting specialist

If you are hosting your own website or using a web hosting service that is not really designed for commercial customers, you may wish to reconsider your strategy and take advantage of the services offered by business web hosts in Australia instead. Below are 5 reasons to think about this option seriously:

1. Technical support

The vast majority of professional web hosts provide excellent technical support to their commercial customers. Rather than having to hire full-time employees who have nothing much to do until an emergency occurs, you can rely on the technical support that is provided by your host. This is invariably a more economical option for businesses in Australia.

2. Scalability

If your website becomes much busier in the future, you will need to invest in additional hardware to service the number of HTTP requests you receive from visitors. If you pay for a commercial web hosting package, scalability is built-in: commercial hosts maintain large networks of servers that are capable of supporting a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis.

3. Availability

A sudden power or hardware failure at your corporate headquarters will take your website offline if it is hosted on local servers. This is something you don’t have to worry about when dealing with business web hosting specialists, especially Australian cloud providers that offer cloud hosting packages. With thousands of servers spread across multiple data centres, they are able to instantly switch your website to another machine in the event of catastrophic hardware failure or a local power cut.

4. Advanced security

Business web hosting companies use the very latest security software to protect their servers and the data that is stored on them. With large teams dedicated to monitoring and maintaining their systems, updates are applied as soon as they become available and potential issues are normally dealt with before they have time to develop into serious problems.

5. Disaster recovery

All professional web hosts follow data redundancy best practices to ensure that it is easy for them to restore clients’ websites in the event of hardware failure or an outside attack. If you want to make sure you can recover instantly from critical equipment failure, working with a professional web host is an excellent idea.

You can find out more about business web hosting services in Australia, including cloud hosting solutions, by contacting individual service providers and asking for details of the packages they currently have to offer.

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