Top Dry Ice Blaster Machines

Nowadays, picking the top dry ice blaster machine available on the market is not at all simple. The various items are chosen depending on the demands of each organization as well as the economic climate.

Aero Series 40FP Cold Jet

Cold Jet, a business that has been at the forefront of dry ice blasting research and development for more than 30 years, produces the Aero Series 40FP, a typical dry ice blasting equipment. Customers looking for a straightforward solution that will produce incredibly efficient results for cleaning equipment in both light and heavy sectors should choose this machine. The great quality and reasonable pricing of this dry ice machine are both advantages.

Aerodynamics as well as the radial feed system technologies of the Aero Series 40FP work together to lessen wear and tear on the machine’s rotors and pads. The Aero 40FP dry ice blasting machine’s contemporary design, modest weight, and ability to help businesses conserve energy as much as possible are further benefits.

On the machine’s body is a pressure controller that enables users to alter the appropriate settings while operating.

Several examples of the machine specs:

  • 40 lb. dry ice capacity (18.2 kg)
  • Feed rate: 0–4.5 lbs/min (0–2 kg/min).
  • Measurements: 36″ x 20″ x 40″ (91.4 x 50.8 x 101.6 cm)
  • Body weight 257 lb (117 kg)
  • Air use between 50 and 165 cfm (1.4 and 4.7 m3 per minute) at 80 psi (5.5 bar)
  • A 20 to 250 psi blast pressure range (1.4-17.2 bar)

The benefits of the Aero Series 40FP are:

  • The SureFlow Performance System enables the operator to operate 100 feet of pipe at maximum capacity without the need for poking, clogging, or cleaning.
  • Recently acquired feeder technology the aerodynamic load patent extends the life of the machine by lessening pad and rotor wear.
  • A cutting-edge radiating power technology that offers accurate feed rate control and pulse-free, continuous blasting.
  • Cleaning pressures range from mild at 20 psi (1.4 bar) to explosive at 300 psi

The Aero Series 40FP’s main characteristics

  • Aerodynamic loading prolongs machine life by reducing wear on pads and rotors.
  • Compact motors lighten loads and consume less energy
  • Rotor enables accurate feed rate control and steady tablet flow without pulsations.
  • Various pressures can be applied.
  • A pressure regulator on board

60-Pcs Aero2 Series Dry Ice Blaster

A dry ice blasting machine of the finest quality, the Aero2 Series PCS 60 has several distinguishing advantages. On the Vietnamese market, this is also regarded as an excellent CO2 dry ice blaster. The best feature of this machine is how well it can be entirely customized by customers to meet their needs.

The Aero2 Series PCS 60 dry ice blaster regulates the dry ice size using the dry ice particle control system (PCS), patented technology of its maker Cold Jet (from 0.3mm to 3mm).

The Aero2 Series PCS 60 offers visual visibility with something like a 7-inch LCD & digital controls, allowing users to quickly see and change machine parameters & settings. The device has programmable application formulae as well, enabling the user to control and store cleaning parameters including contact pressure, dry ice size, and blast rate.

The following are a few machine specifications:

  • Measurements: 39 in (99 cm) by 19 in (48 cm) by 45 in (114 cm)
  • Weight: 269 lbs (122 kg)
  • The required power is 110/220 VAC at 50/60 Hz transformed to 24/48 VDC at 4.3 AMPS.
  • 60 lb of dry ice capacity (27 kg)
  • 7-inch LCD
  • Feed rate is changeable and ranges from 0 to 4 lbs/min (1.8 kg/min)
  • Adjustable 0.3mm to 3mm dry ice particle size
  • The 20 to 145 psi (1,4 to 10 bar) blast pressure range
  • 40 to 145 psi (2.8 to 10 bar) of pressure range is provided.
  • At 80 PSI, air consumption ranges from 12 to 100 CFM (0.3 to 2.8 m3/min) (5.5 bar)
  • A straight 3/4″ tube is used for the airflow passage.
  • Sureflow: Separate hopper, separate funnel, electric vibrator, thumper, and ramrods.

The Aero2 Series PCS 60 dry ice blaster has the following benefits:

  • Consistent, pulse-free blast stream efficiency is game-changing.
  • The 7″ color LCD’s intuitive interface makes it simple to examine & adjust the machine’s settings & blasting parameters.
  • Complete control: This degree of accuracy and adaptability is not provided by any other equipment.
  • Formulae: The program allows you to apply formulas and store the data. Ensure the most effective use of the resources while avoiding user mistakes.
  • Ergonomics Reduced weight and capacity result from optimized design and materials. The bellows have been reworked to be robust and flexible.
  • Quieter operation: More thorough cleansing with lower air & blast pressure
  • Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities: Remote tracking & diagnostics with the very 1st Cold Jet CONNECT in the market.

Key characteristics of the Aero2 Series PCS 60

  • Particle-Controlling system 1. (PCS)
  • Digitally controlled 2. 7″ LCD
  • A straight-through, streamlined air system
  • Programmable formulae for applications
  • Modern low-load intake with aerodynamics
  • A patented, high-performance line starter regulator
  • A direct driving system with advanced patents
  • A plate-coated frame made of polymer, stainless steel, and tool-grade aluminum alloy


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