Types Of Video Intercoms You Should Consider 

Video intercoms are very efficient in our everyday lives, and if you are still hesitating about the technology, then it is time to try it yourself. It has been so long since intercom exists in this world, they are progressing each time, and you should experience their service. Now, video intercoms are one of the most modern inventions available in the market. There are lots of providers that you should look into, but there are also other things that you should know. Note that intercoms have many kinds and variants and have functions that may apply to you. 

Video intercoms are a broad device; most are now cloud-based, which can benefit users in the long run. If you are highly interested in purchasing and investing in video intercoms, you should know which one to choose and to equip in your areas or houses. It would help if you first ask yourself the purpose of acquiring the intercom, assess all types and features, and look into their electronic access controls. Remember to compare and contrast, so it will be easier to narrow down your choices. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference.

Who Can Benefit From The Video Intercoms

1.) Residents

Mostly, residents are the ones who use video intercoms. They are the ones who benefit from the high level of security, as video intercoms can alleviate your security issues since it has a built-in camera. The built-in camera will serve as a CCTV, giving you a sense of awareness of what is happening outside your area, wherever you are. 

2.) Visitors

Indeed, visitors are also one of the people who could benefit from this. In case you need to learn, cloud-based video intercoms can allow visitors to call you directly on your mobile phone from the video intercom. In situations where you are not physically present in your house, and the unexpected visitor is at your doorstep, they can reach out to you in no time.

3.) Property Managers

Video intercoms that are cloud-based allow property managers to control multiple sites only through their mobiles, browsers, and even the actual site. This service will save the property managers some time and help them conveniently.

4.) Security Managers

Video intercoms can store photos and entry logs, so when you encounter minor crimes, you can easily track and help the security managers control the problem. 

5.) Delivery Drivers

The drivers could benefit from this, saving your parcel from threats. You can give the delivery drivers some access and place your packages securely. 

Types Of Video Intercoms You Should Consider

After knowing who the potential beneficiaries of the video intercom are, this department will help you make a choice on what intercom you should invest in; here is a brief explanation of each type.

1.) Residential Doorbell Intercom

The most typical type of video intercom, and this type is applicable in those single-family homes. It has a doorbell unit that will alert you if someone is at your doorstep, an indoor monitor, and an outdoor monitor. Note that the latest versions of this type have additional features.

2.) Multi-tenant Intercom Systems

If you stay in an apartment, condominium, or other multi-tenant community, this video intercom is compatible with you. Multi-tenant types have video recordings that can ensure security evidence, mobile calling, a directory, multiple-calling buttons, and more.

3.) IP Video Intercom

One of the most progressive types of video intercom, this type can communicate through IP networking. Also, it has two-way video calling, call forwarding, standoff door release, and many more.

4.) Commercial Video Intercoms

Business owners and corporate managers will mostly lean into this option as commercial video intercoms are for commercial buildings. One of the features that this type entails is an entry panel, door release button, master station, indoor station, and more.

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