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As you may be aware, SHSU Online is updating the Blackboard Learn application in December. This upgrade will be one of the most significant updates in five years. The winter break will be used to update the software applications and to apply patches to existing versions. If you’re an Blackboard SHSU student, you will likely use the system this December.

You can upload course materials.

Using Blackboard for online education, you can create and share course materials with your students. You can upload PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and more. Your faculty must approve the content area you make. If you plan to use this tool to teach online courses, you must follow specific steps.

The main course allows instructors to upload course materials and manage grade tracking from the same interface. You can also add multimedia files and embed YouTube videos. You can also include images, add syllabi, and create equations in your course. You can also add Html code to your content. Although HTML is not available in the Ultra Course View, you can still add it from the Original Course View.

You can attend a Blackboard instructor training session if you need assistance with your Blackboard course. This session typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. In the session, you will learn how to use the Course Copy tool and export individual bits of content to your Blackboard course. You will also learn how to adjust due dates and edit any attached documents. You can even bring your course materials to upload.

In addition to Blackboard training, SHSU Online also offers ongoing technical and pedagogical support to ensure the success of Blackboard courses. If you are a new user, enrolling in the appropriate training is essential. Hybrid Training Webinars and Certifications will help you become more comfortable using Blackboard.

You can also record lectures and stream them on Blackboard. Most laptops now have built-in webcams, so recording your addresses is easy. SHSU Online’s recording studio specializes in educational video production. It also funds transcription and captioning services for online courses.

Assignments can be graded.

You can use the Assignments tab in Blackboard SHSU to view and grade a student’s submissions. The assignments can also be downloaded as ZIP files. When a project is graded, the teacher can view the submission details and give feedback. Similarly, they can grade an assignment directly on the assignment’s submission page by clicking the Override label.

Blackboard Collaborate is an online tool that integrates with Blackboard. It provides a place for group members to meet and collaborate on assignments. When submitting an assignment to a group, you’ll be prompted to enter a full name and email address. You can also share additional information and add office hours to the Calendar.

The new Self and Peer Assessment Building Block allows for objective, analytical learning. It also provides constructive feedback from peers that can enhance student understanding. The feedback provides valuable insights into an individual’s efforts and performance. Blackboard’s new in-line grading option makes it easy to grade student assignments without downloading them to a computer.

You can use Blackboard on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Its mobile app provides access to the same tools used on desktops. You can access the Grades tab in both desktop browsers and Blackboard apps. On desktops, you can access the Grades tab in the course overview.

A Blackboard course preparation session lasts about 60-90 minutes. The instructor will show the participants how to use the Course Copy tool, export individual pieces of content, and edit attached documents. The session will also explain how to use Blackboard’s new course view and communication tools with students.

Blackboard SHSU features

There is a simple way to move content between Blackboard courses. By using the Content Collection feature, instructors can transfer content from one system to another. In addition to sharing content between classes, they can move content within a single course. Instructors must first create a link for the copied files to transfer content.

Archived courses should not be moved or deleted because the content may degrade. In addition, the course content may be permanently unreadable. This problem typically occurs after a specific period has passed. Sometimes, the course may have been archived because of a pending grievance or grade appeal. In other situations, extracting an archived course is allowed.

First, make sure you have permission to move your Blackboard course content to move the file. You must also have a valid SHSU account. This is important if you’re transferring the course to another university. Make sure that you understand your institution’s policy on sharing information.

You can record video lectures.

Blackboard SHSU video lectures can be recorded to be viewed later. Fortunately, this technology is now available for students and faculty to use. Kaltura has released a new version of its product that enables users to record their presentations and lectures without going through a complex process. It can be used on Mac or Windows and simultaneously supports two camera inputs. SHSU Online recommends Kaltura for its lecture capture capabilities.

Blackboard ShSU has several features to support video lectures. First, instructors can create a tool link on Blackboard using the instructor app. The link must be hidden from students and should be named “Recorded Lectures.” Once the tool link has been created, instructors can paste it into the module. Students can then watch the recorded lecture with the instructor’s feedback. Recorded lectures don’t require students to download anything; they can play them back using most modern browsers without additional extensions.

Blackboard also provides several tools for instructors to assess student progress. This three-part course covers how instructors can use Blackboard’s assessment tools to help students meet the course objectives. In particular, You can use the devices to grade student work using various features, including Blackboard Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, and Test/Quiz/Survey Creation.

Archived courses can be archived for two years. However, extraction may cause partial or complete degradation. If the content becomes unreadable, it may be impossible to view the course. An extraction may only be authorized under exceptional circumstances, such as an investigation of a grade appeal or grievance. However, archiving old systems is a good idea for academic purposes.

Creating video lectures for online courses is often intimidating for faculty. But the media services department at SHSU offers a full-service studio. The studio is located on the bottom floor of the Dan Rather Communications Building. They helped faculty create 500 videos last year. They strive to give faculty the best options for lecture capture.

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