What Are Embossed Labels?

It goes without saying that the packaging you use for your product gives your customers an idea of your brand values, and what to expect from the product. This is why creating packaging that is different from the rest and truly reflects your brand is essential. You can do this in a variety of ways – by creating imagery, logos, and design that stands out, and packaging your product in the most luxurious materials. Embossed labels can be used as a lavish addition to your packaging, to help your brand get recognised by your target audience. We’ll look at these distinctive labels, and how they’re made below.   

Embossed labels 

These labels are a great alternative to your standard, plain product labelling. They can bring a new sense of style and luxury to a product and help you to stand out from the crowd. Embossed labels create a 3D, raised effect on various text or imagery on your labels. They create the opposite look of a debossed label, which creates an inverted finish. Embossed labels work perfectly on thicker material. Generally, the thicker the material, the better the effect will be. We’ll look at what type of material works best for embossed labels below. 

What are they used for? 

These labels can be used for a huge range of items, from whiskey labels to gin and candle labels. If you have a luxury product, embossed labels can be the perfect option to show your customers the standard of your brand, and what to expect from the product. You could use other types of embellishments to add to the label – the choice is yours! Because embossed labels create a more luxurious look, they are more expensive. However, if you’re looking to invest in your product and give it a real high-quality feel, these labels can help you to achieve this. You could increase the price of your product in line with your new luxury labelling, depending on how well your product sells in the early stages.  

Which material is best? 

So, as we mentioned above, to get a real luxury feel from your embossed label, choosing a suitable material is key. Whilst you can emboss a thin label, it doesn’t offer the best effects, you should be sure to choose a label material that is thicker so your customers can see the raised detailing, and high levels of manufacture and design that’s gone into your label. Adding metallic details is a great way to enhance an already luxurious product – why not take your labels to the next level? 

How are they made? 

So, how are these labels made? When you choose your design, it’s made into a metal plate that is completely unique to your brand. You can choose brand logos, imagery, and lettering to be added to your plate to achieve the look you want for your label. The material you’ve chosen for your label is placed between the embossed plate and a flat metal plate, and when they’re pressed together, your design becomes embossed onto the material. This creates the raised look that you see with some of the most luxury labels. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but it can also be felt when you run your finger over the label too. You can create truly unique and stunning packaging when using this technique, so your product can stand out from the crowd! 

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