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Why The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Has Become a Must Have for Collectors

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is an important coin that contributed to the United States western expansion. The US minted the dollar coin between 1878 and 1904 when manufacturing stopped due to a fall in demand for silver dollars and an abundance of supply. Compared to Silver coins that came before it, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar has certain distinctive features that make it outstanding. 

The Morgan Silver Dollar has long been a favorite coin among numismatists due to various factors, such as its aesthetic appeal and historical relevance. On top of that, it was also the sole Morgan dollar Denver mint produced. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Has Become a Must Have For Collectors due to the Following Reasons:

It Has a Unique Design.

It was the pioneer coin with Lady Liberty, an American icon, instead of the conventional Greek design. The diameter of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is 38 millimeters, and it weighs 412.5 grains, which is equivalent to 26.73 grams. A profile facing to the left rather than a full-body image is depicted on the coin’s front. 

Lady Liberty’s cap is adorned with cotton and wheat in homage to America’s agricultural heritage. The back side of the coin featured a representation of an eagle holding a brunch of olive while sitting at the top of arrows. This picture represents America’s wish for peace and its readiness to protect its borders from an invading force if needed.

It is Highly Valuable.

Because of its intrinsic value, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar offers a special value-added incentive. The NGC Price Guide estimates that a circulating Morgan Dollar from 1921 is valued from $26.50 to $75 as of September 2022. It attracted the interest of numerous dealers and collectors, fetching bidding of $1600 at the David Lawrence rare coin auction.

It has a Great Historical significance.

The design and historical significance of the 1921 Morgan Dollar is extensive and rich. The image of Lady Liberty serves as a reminder of American independence and liberty. The coin bears Morgan’s monogram on its obverse and is named after the medalist George T. Morgan, who created its appearance. 

The image of an eagle holding an olive branch and perching at the top of arrows represents both America’s wish for peace and its readiness to protect her borders from an invading force. These factors add to numismatists’ intense yearning for the 1921 Morgan Silver dollar.

Rare Sets and Error Coins

1921 Morgan Silver dollars dating to 1921 resulted from accidental mistakes, having mint errors and omissions, and are less frequent than their regular counterparts. Due to this inaccuracy, they are worth more than the average 1921 silver dollars.

Similarly, uncirculated 1921 Morgan silver dollars are scarcer and more expensive than circulated versions. Uncirculated coins frequently look prettier and sell for more money at auction centers.


Numismatists and coin collectors are searching for the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar as it has distinctive characteristics, including its elegant design and great value. On top of that, the1921 Morgan Silver Dollar has a rich historical background and is rare to find.

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