Wrath of the Lich King Phase 5. New Ruby Sanctum Raid.

Lich King

 About  WoW Wrath of the Lich King expansion

Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022 is the return of the iconic expansion for World of Warcraft, allowing players to experience the epic saga in its original form. Originally released in 2008, Wrath of the Lich King Classic brings back the thrilling tale of the Lich King, Arthas Menethil, and the hero’s journey to Northrend to confront him. This expansion introduced a lot of new content, including a new continent for exploring, the Death Knight hero class, and increased level cap to 80. With updated graphics and game mechanics, Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2022 offers nostalgia and a new experience for new and returning players.

Last update

Blizzard has separated this expansion into 5 phases in order to gradually provide content to players. The most interesting phase for players was phase 4, because there players again fought with the Lich King and tested their skills after many years. Phase 5 of the add-on update was released on January 11th, 2024. It didn’t add a lot of new content, but it does lead us to the next expansion, Cataclysm Classic.

Ruby Sanctum Raid

Basic information about the raid

The main new addition in this phase of the expansion is the Ruby Sanctum Raid. This raid can be completed by 10 players or 25. There is just one boss, but this does not mean that it will be easy. The raid is available on Normal and Heroic difficulty. In the new phase of the expansion, ilvl gear was raised. Now you can get equipment from levels 258 to 284 in the new raid, depending on the difficulty level and the number of players:

  • 258 ilvl gear (10-man normal mode);
  • 271 ilvl gear (10-man HM, 25-man normal mode);
  • 284 ilvl gear (25-man HM).

To get to this secret and amazing place you must find a portal underneath the Wyrmrest Temple, in Dragonblight.

All raid enemies.


At this location three mini-bosses will block the path to the main enemy, so you must kill them all, otherwise, you will not be able to summon the main boss. Each of the minibosses has its mechanics and abilities.

Baltharus the Warborn

The first mini-boss in the location on the eastern side. He deals a lot of frontal damage, so it’s better not to stand in front of him. When he uses Cleave, he deals 110% melee damage to the focused target and other players. Blade Tempest deals 70% damage to enemies in front of the attacker every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. Every 20 seconds, Baltharus uses the Repelling Wave ability, which deals AoE fire damage and pushes back all players, creating a stunning effect for 3 seconds. The mini-boss can apply a debuff to any player called Enervating Brand. With its help, for 10 seconds, he reduces the damage of a random player and other players in the radius by 2% each second, up to 10%, transferring this power to himself. When HP reduces to 50%, Baltharus the Warborn will summon his copy with the same abilities except Repelling Wave.

Saviana Ragefire

This is the second raid mini-boss which can be found in the western part of the map. Many of her attacks deal AoE damage, so you should avoid it. Flame Breath is an ability that Saviana uses every 25 seconds and deals damage in front of her in an area. The Enrage ability increases her attack speed by 150% and also gives an additional Fire Nova buff, which deals 10 thousand fire damage to all raid members every 2 seconds. The ability lasts 10 seconds. Sometimes Saviana Ragefire flies away and places a special mark on 5 random players, after 5 seconds targeted players receive damage from the ability and become disoriented for 5 seconds, causing damage to all nearby allies. Damage is dealt every second while the player is disoriented.

General Zarithrian

This is the last mini-boss located in the southern part of the location. He is the main threat for tanks using the Cleave Armor ability, reducing armor by 20% for 30 seconds. It can stack, reducing the armor of tanks to 0%. In melee combat, he can use Intimidating Roar, which scares players for 4 seconds. Every 30 seconds, General summons 3 Onyx Flamecallers that cast Blast Nova, which deals AoE damage, or Lava Gout, an ability that deals damage to a nearby tank.

Halion, The Twilight Destroyer

Halion is a Twilight dragon and trusted commander of the dragon Deathwing. This is the only boss in this location that has 3 phases, each of them has its characteristics.

Phase 1 – Material Realm (100%-75%)

In the first phase, the boss has some similar abilities, called Cleave and Flame Breath. The only difference is that the cleave deals 75% damage instead of 110% in Balzarus’s Ability, Flame Breath damage is 10k higher than Savivanna’s ability. Her unique ability in the first phase will be Tail Lash, which will stun players from behind. In this phase you should stand on the flank of the boss, then you can avoid a lot of damage and no one will die.

The first important mechanic is the Fiery Combustion debuff, which the boss applies to any raid member and deals damage every two seconds for 30 or until it is dispelled. Each tick stacks Mark of Combustion. After dispelling the player takes damage from the explosion and a fiery area appears in his place. The size of the area depends on the number of ticks. In Heroic mode, the area of Fire deals more damage and stacks it with each tick.

Meteor Strike is Halion’s second mechanic. Every 20 seconds from the start of the fight and every 40 seconds after that, Halion summons a meteor strike that is aimed at a random player from the raid. A fire rune appears under the player, warning of the location of the impact after 10 seconds.  Meteor damages all players within 9 yards and leaves 4 trails of fire that deal damage every second. On Heroic difficulty, Meteor Strike also summons a Giant Living Inferno and 8 smaller Living Embers from the trails of fire.

Phase 2 – (75%-50%)

The second phase passes into the Twilight realm. The main mechanics will remain the same. Cleave and Tail Lash abilities will not change, and Flame Breath will be replaced by Dark Breath, only the damage type will change. Fiery Combustion will be replaced with Soul Consumption, which slows the player by 50% for 2 seconds. The main danger will be the Twilight Cutter ability, which creates streams of dark energy connecting two Shadow Orbs. In heroic difficulty, there are 4 Shadow Orbs.

Phase 3 (50%-0%)

Halion creates a copy of himself and sends it to the real dimension.  The battle passes into two realms. His abilities in each realm will not change, but a new mechanic will be added. This mechanic is called Corporeality. Corporeality status buffs or weakens the Twilight and Material versions depending on which version takes more damage. This helps balance the two raid groups and their damage output, reducing the damage of the group that gets ahead and increasing the damage of the other if it falls behind.

Ways to complete Ruby Sanctum Raid and other content in the game.

Players can go through game activities on their own, such as different dungeons, participating in raids, and fighting in PvP arenas. Sometimes you may have problems in the game, such as gold shortage, low ilvl gear, and low character level. Оtherwise, you can have it all, but you are not a sufficiently experienced and skilled player to complete difficult activities and events. In any case, Wotlk boosting services will be able to help you. Wotlk Boost will do all boring and hard work for you and save you a lot of time so that you can enjoy the open world of Azeroth without any hassles.


The Wrath of the Lich King expansion is in its final phase, allowing us to get acquainted with a new raid, which can be called a transition part to the new expansion Cataclysm Where there is already a battle with Deathwing the Destroyer. WoW Vanilla is still developing and boost services will help you with difficulties on the way to new research.

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