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Best medium format film camera are used less frequently due to the spread of digital cameras and smartphones. However, recently, the way of enjoying film cameras and the finish of tasteful photographs are being reviewed, and they are attracting attention. Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended manufacturers and products for those who want to try film cameras. It also explains how to choose a film camera, so please refer to it.

What is a Digital film camera

A Digital film camera is a shooting device that creates an image by exposing “film” to light. The light taken in from the lens hits the film Photography and the silver salt reacts to create an image.

The photograph taken can be developed by printing it on photographic paper using a developing solution in a dark room. Compared to digital cameras, film cameras are attractive because they can take pictures with a lighter hue and a grainy feel.

Types of Digital film camera

compact camera

Digital Film camera

A compact camera is a compact size camera that is easy to hold with one hand. It is not bulky even if you put it in a bag, so it is easy to carry. It is easy to operate because it has few functions, and there are many fashionable designs, so it is also recommended for women and beginners.

The 35mm film used in compact cameras is inexpensive and low in development costs, so you can easily use it for trial shooting and practice.

Single-lens reflex camera

Digital Film camera - Single-lens reflex camera

A single-lens reflex medium format film camera is a Point and shoot film camera that allows you to change the lens according to the shooting content and subject. The film uses 35mm. There are many types of interchangeable lenses such as “wide-angle”, “telephoto”, “macro”, and “fisheye”. You can enjoy photos with different atmospheres just by changing the lens.

In addition, there are “manual SLR” that manually performs all settings and “auto SLR” that even beginners can easily make optimal settings, and it is possible to freely select according to knowledge and how to stick to film photography.

Twin-lens reflex camera

Twin-lens reflex camera Film Camera

The twin-lens reflex camera is a model with two lenses on the top and bottom. It has a retro feel and a fashionable look and is a popular camera among Digital film camera enthusiasts.

Since the “shooting lens” and “viewfinder lens” are separate, the composition and the finished position will be slightly different from what you see, but you can enjoy square “square format” photos. Twin-lens reflex cameras that can take natural pictures are suitable for portrait photography.

Rangefinder camera

Rangefinder Digital Film Camera

A rangefinder camera that uses a 35mm film camera. The feature is that the two optical axes are combined into one with the viewfinder and focus. Since the operation is unique, it is difficult for beginners to handle, and many models are expensive, but they have a good reputation for high-quality shooting.

It is a compact and lightweight type and weighs about half as much as a single-lens reflex camera with similar performance. If you get used to manual focus, this camera is also recommended for everyday use.

Medium format Film camera

Medium Format Film Camera

Medium format cameras use 120 and 220 film Camera. Compared to 35mm film, the number of shots that can be taken at one time is small. The vertical width of the film is only 6 cm, but you can choose the width from 4.5 to 12 cm to suit your taste. Square photography is also possible using the 6 x 6 cm format.

It is a camera for professionals and high amateurs because it can take expressive pictures with blurring. But the main body is large and heavy and the operation is complicated.

Large-format camera

Large-format camera Point and shoot film Camera

A large-format camera is a camera that uses 4×5 film, which has a large imaging area. By changing the relative position of the film surface and the lens surface, you can perform “tilt shooting”.

4×5 film is about 13 times larger than 35mm film, and it is possible to express delicately with an abundant amount of information. You can take powerful pictures because you can take high-quality, large-screen pictures that are unique to large films.

instant camera

Instant Camera film Photography

Instant cameras use films such as “Cheki” and “Polaroid camera” that automatically start developing immediately after shooting. Therefore, it is a feature that you can check the photo on the spot you took it, write a comment at the party and give it as a gift.

Although it has many classical and colorful appearances, it has a drawback that the film area is large and the size tends to be bulky, but even beginners can easily take pictures with unique textures with simple operations.

How to choose a Point and shoot film camera

Exposure (manual)

medium format film camera

“Manual” is to manually set all settings Point and shoot film camera such as shutter speed and exposure. Before taking a single photo, you can decide the brightness, focus by hand, and then press the shutter, so you can enjoy shooting by sticking to each photo.

However, you may need to make various settings before taking a picture, and you may miss a photo opportunity, so practice in advance so that you can handle any situation.

Aperture priority

Manually setting only the aperture value is called “aperture priority”. By adjusting the aperture, you can change the depth of field and depth of field, making it possible to create film photography that are in focus as a whole or that take advantage of the tasteful bokeh. It is recommended for subjects such as stationary people, small items, flowers, etc. Where there is little movement and you can take your time. You can enjoy photographic expressions that are difficult with the automatic method.

Shutter priority

“Shutter priority” is a model that determines the time for the film to be exposed by opening the shutter film. The camera automatically sets the aperture value.

Shutter priority is excellent for expressing the movement of the subject, and when the speed is increased, the time is finished as if it stopped, and on the contrary, when the speed is decreased, it is possible to shoot a violent movement with an afterimage. Recommended for shooting “sea, rivers, waterfalls that express the flow of water” and “sports, motorsports, vehicles that express a sense of speed”.

Program AE

medium format film camera

“Program AE” is a function that allows the camera to automatically set the aperture and shutter speed. Therefore, even if you do not have knowledge of settings, you can take pictures without fail.

The difference from the auto type is that you can select the shooting method from the combinations set in “Program Shift”. While it is difficult to express yourself or create an intentional work, it is attractive to be able to shoot easily.

Recommended manufacturers of film cameras

10. Nikon FM 10 – Best create film Photography

Nikon Film Photography

Founded in 1917, it is a camera manufacturer supported by many professional photographers. The lineup of intermediate models and above is extensive, and it is possible to faithfully reproduce the color of the subject. Since it can take pictures with clear light and darkness. It is also highly evaluated as a camera for landscape photography. It is characterized by product development based on the technology and specialized knowledge cultivated in the development of various optical instruments.

09. Leica – Film Camera


Leica is the most well-known camera manufacturer in the world. The main models are the lens finder type “M type” and the single-lens reflex camera “R type”. It has a reputation for high quality and is known for its many enthusiasts. It features an uncompromising design and excellent durability.

Recommended for Digital film cameras

08. Yashika “Y35 – Point and shoot film Camera

Digital Film photograhy

best medium format film camera that looks and feels like a film camera. You can enjoy the analog feeling by operating it with the winding lever before pressing the shutter, or by setting the special module “digiFilm” shaped like a film.

You can also change the finish and image quality of your photos by using different types of digiFilm sold separately. Another point is that there is no LCD screen and you can enjoy the uniqueness of a film camera.

07. Leica MA – Film Photography Camera

medium format film camera

It is a film Photography camera that eliminates waste and focuses on the functions required for shooting. It does not have an LCD monitor or light meter. it is packed with the advanced mechanisms that Leica has cultivated. Shutter speed and aperture value can be set directly on the camera body and lens. The point is that you can concentrate on the subject and shoot.

The appearance is simple and retro, but the design feels beautiful. It is also recommended that the depth is about 38mm. Which is slim and can be held firmly.

06. Ginichi ZERO6X9 Deluxe

A pinhole camera with a warm design using teak wood. The camera film is compatible with Brownie 120 and is compatible with all 6×9, 6×7, 6×6, 6×4.5 film formats. You can shoot the subject in an attractive composition.

Another advantage is that a spirit level is installed as standard, making it easy to align the camera. With a cable release adapter, it is also recommended for those who want to enjoy bulb photography.

05. Fujifilm “Cheki instax mini 90 Neo Classic” INSMINI 90NC

Fuji Digital Film Camera

A fashionable medium format film camera with a design similar to that of an analog camera. Equipped with a “high-performance flash” that finely adjusts the amount of flashlight according to the distance to the subject and the brightness of the surroundings. With excellent exposure balance, you can take beautiful pictures of your subject.

In addition, there are abundant party mode. That allows you to shoot the subject and background brightly, “kids mode”. That is strong against fast movements, “distant view mode” that is convenient for shooting scenery, and “close-up mode” for short-range shooting. It is also attractive to have a shooting mode.

04. Fujifilm “Fujifilm Single-use” – Pockt film Photography Camera

Digital Film Photography

A fujifilm disposable camera that allows you to turn the flash on and off and shoot immediately.

The big viewfinder allows you to capture in medium format film camera. The subject in a large size. And the grip is designed to be easy to grip, so anyone can easily take a picture. Since the dial is turned to wind the film when shooting, even if you accidentally press the shutter. You can rest assured that the photo will not be wasted. It is a camera that does not require difficult operations or charging and is also useful at travel destinations and events.

03.Fujifilm Single-use Waterproof disposable camera

UJIFILM "Fujifilm Single-use" New Waterproof

A medium format film camera with a 10m waterproof housing that allows you to enjoy underwater film photography.

In snorkeling and scuba diving, you can take pictures of the sea with beautiful fish and sea turtles. Even if you drop it in the water, it will not be flooded inside, so it is recommended for leisure in various places such as the sea and rivers. You can shoot underwater at a reasonable price, so it will be useful for overseas travel.

02. Ginichi “Holga” 120CFN

Digital camera

It is a toy camera that you can enjoy the retro feeling and tasteful photos unique to plastic lenses.

In addition to normal flash, the flash can be switched between three color filters of “red”, “blue”, and “yellow” with a single dial. You can create an impressive photo like no other. Two types of masks, a square “6×6” and a rectangular “6×4.5”, are included. You can change it according to the image.

01. Ginichi “Holga” 120GTLR

point and shoot film camera

It is a twin-lens reflex type toy Film camera with a finder lens above the camera lens.

Since the finder is attached to the top of the camera. You can shoot in a comfortable posture even at a low angle. With the built-in strobe, you can enjoy bright shooting even in dark scenes or scenes that tend to be dark such as backlight. You can also use the included color filters to create impressive photos.

How to handle the film Photography

If you open the back cover before the filmmaking is used up, it will be exposed to light and ruin your photos. Therefore, it is important to use up the point and shoot film Camera until the end before winding it. Also, the video may be exposed to X-rays. So be sure to store it in a special bag for baggage inspection of airplanes. It is also important to use up the film photography before it expires, as the quality of the photo will deteriorate when it expires.

A word from the person in charge

you can enjoy taking pictures one by one carefully and waiting for development. medium format film camera are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the process of creating a work. If you are interested in camera would like to take on the challenge. Please try to find the best one by referring to the products introduced this time and how to select them.

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