6 Quick Tips To Planning Your Next Move

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through in life. If you’re planning to relocate, it might not be something you’re looking forward to, but it’s still important to keep your expectations realistic so that you can plan and go into your move with a clear head and a positive attitude. 9Kilo Moving, for example, is a moving company that can help with all procedures to foresee your successful move to a new location. Meanwhile, these six quick tips will help ensure your next move goes as smoothly with Red Carpet Moving Company near me. 

1: Purge

Easily one of the most dreaded, difficult, and downright un-fun tasks for any homeowner. Purging can be an emotional process, but it’s necessary if you want to move with a fresh mindset. When it comes to purging your belongings, there are two different approaches: either in one big swoop or piece by piece. I recommend going through everything from top to bottom and looking through every single item you own. Go over each item with a fine-tooth comb, or hold on to them as you work your way down – whichever makes the purge process easier.

2: Have Rugs, Drapes, and Slipcovers Cleaned

It is also a great idea to vacuum, dust, and clean the baseboards. You will want to clean any decorative pieces that may have collected dirt. If you have carpets, it’s best to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Sometimes, small spills will happen during cooking or events in your home. These can be easily dealt with if you take care of the mess immediately by blotting up the excess liquid and using a cleaner for fabric spillage.

3: Research How to Handle a Rental Truck

Here are some tips to help you feel more confident when driving a rental truck:

  • Plan your route. This will give you a clear idea of how long the drive will take and minimize stops. Write down an outline of the directions if they are difficult to remember. 
  • Plan your route to avoid major streets or any streets with one-way traffic flow or traffic lights. If you can’t avoid them, take extra care and be prepared for long travel times. 
  • Pick up the rental truck when you’re feeling alert and wide awake. -When making turns, keep in mind that trailers don’t handle as quickly as cars do–take some time for the trailer to straighten out before accelerating again.

4: Get Your New Place in Tip-top Shape

There’s always some moving-related thing to do when settling into a new home—laying down carpet, un-installing your old oven, swapping out light fixtures, and more. Here’s a quick list of the essential tasks to help get your new place in tip-top shape in no time.

  • Paint Walls or Hang Curtains. 
  • Clean Windows and Shower Screens. 
  • Change Light Bulbs. 
  • Unpack Your Kitchen Appliances. 
  • Set Up Your Cable Box. 

5: Ask Your Friends to Help

After finding your moving company, head over to your friends and ask them for any recommendations they might have. This can be a great place to ask around because friends are often quick to recommend a service or product they like if they know you’re looking for something new. Plus, most people don’t want to say no when you come asking for their opinion.

6: Line Up Professional Movers

Even if you’re not a professional yourself, the help of professionals can be invaluable. Being your pro is great, but sometimes it’s better to leave the big stuff to the pros. As we all know, business owners are always hesitant to let anyone work on their property because they feel they are just going to screw something up, but with moving companies near me like 9Kilo Moving, they’ve got all their bases covered. Plus, it’ll save you time and energy.


Hopefully, these six quick tips will help you plan your next move. Remember to hire a professional moving company for safe, worry-free transportation of your belongings. And if you are unsure how to choose the right company for your needs, get free quotes from at least three companies before selecting one that feels like the best fit. There is no one-size-fits-all when finding a moving company, so consider all your options and find the perfect match for you!

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