Prices of Leased Lines in the UK

The prices of Leased Lines vary widely between different areas. There are a few factors that can make a difference in price. The built-up area and the company you choose will play a big part in how much you pay. However, there are many providers to choose from. Some of the most popular include BT and Virgin, both of which have extensive marketing campaigns.


BT Leased Lines are an affordable and reliable way to connect global offices. They can be purchased directly from BT or through a wholesale provider. They are backed by the UK’s Core Network Connection, ensuring uptime of at least 99%. They can be used for cloud applications and have high-speed connections to the Internet.

BT’s fibre-based leased lines offer 10Gbps of bandwidth. They have symmetric upload and download speeds, which are crucial for VoIP and other data-hungry applications. BT also offers service level agreements and a five-hour response time for technical support issues. Customers can even opt for an engineer-installation service.

A leased line allows businesses to create a dedicated connection between their premises and a local exchange. It allows businesses to enjoy the same upload and download speed, and it eliminates the possibility of interference from other users. It also has low latency and no downtime.


If you are in the UK and need a leased line for your business, Virgin Leased Lines UK may be a great option. The company has been investing heavily in their network and product range, and their leased lines are fully IP-connected, so they support businesses of all sizes. Their leased lines range in speed from 10Mb to 1Gbps, and prices start at PS199 per month. You can also get a line through Virgin Business if you need support.

Virgin Media Business Leased Lines are dedicated to business needs, and their speeds range from 50Mbps to 10Gbps. They also offer add-ons such as resilient back-up connections, as many WiFi access points as you need, and modern cloud-based cybersecurity. Virgin Media Business works with over 50,000 businesses in the UK and also partners with thousands of schools and emergency services to help improve connectivity.


CityFibre is a new alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure in the UK. Located in 29 cities, it delivers fast, reliable fibre optics to businesses and organisations. The network includes two different types of leased line technology: Flex and Metro. Both of these technologies are capable of delivering high-speed data and IP connectivity.

CityFibre offers Gigabit speeds to businesses for a fraction of the cost. They are also one of the UK’s largest alternative providers of wholesale fibre network infrastructure. In fact, they aim to equip Gigabit cities with full fibre, enabling businesses to enjoy Gigabit speeds at lower cost.

Excalibur and CityFibre are exclusive launch partners for CityFibre in the Swindon area. They have helped hundreds of businesses harness full fibre connectivity.

CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds is a premier provider of quality leased lines and internet services in the UK. Their network of leased lines provides businesses of all sizes with reliable, secure connections. They offer a wide range of connection speeds and scalable bandwidth. They also offer hosted solutions, Ethernet first-mile connectivity, and voice over IP.

CCS Leeds also offers web hosting. Their newly built data centre in Seacroft is home to hundreds of servers for businesses across the UK. At the open day, CCS Leeds showed off the facility’s ability to function even in a power outage. For those wondering, this is the kind of technology that is ideal for businesses.

High-speed internet is vital to running a business in the modern world. With online businesses moving at an incredible speed, companies need a reliable service that can keep up. They need a network that can service all of their staff and provide the highest speed and security possible. For this reason, leased lines offer the highest quality service at the best value for money.


TalkTalk Leased Lines offer businesses a variety of benefits. The company provides up to 10 Gbps of speed, and has plans for any business size. While most customers opt for speeds of 100Mbps, they will soon be able to order one gigabit per second connections. TalkTalk also provides business customers with technical support.

As a result, TalkTalk is planning to increase its presence in the UK’s leased-line market. Previously, the market was dominated by BT. As a result, TalkTalk struggled to establish itself as a big name in the business telecoms sector. But now, the company is looking to expand its presence in the leased-line market, and to increase its market share to 25%.

TalkTalk has invested heavily in building its network, and has twenty years of experience supporting businesses. It offers industry-leading products and a fully-IP network. TalkTalk offers leased lines ranging from 10Mb to 1Gb, with prices starting at PS199 per month. TalkTalk Business offers business customers the support of a dedicated account manager and free installation.

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