A comfortable bed only needs a comfortable mattress

1. Why do you need a good mattress

Sleep, probably the most fair thing except death, whether rich or poor, are thirsty for quality sleep, working late into the night, there is no greater reward than to sleep a peaceful and sweet sleep, and the daytime success of the people, but some also toss and turn all night. A good night’s sleep, in addition to psychological relaxation and other subjective factors, the comfort of the sleep environment also has a great relationship.

Most of the national hardworking and frugal, for bedding often do not pay attention to or do not know much, many people feel that spending thousands of thousands of dollars to buy a good mattress “unnecessary”. In fact, in the mattress and other bedding investment, may be the highest rate of return on investment. After all, one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, now in the first-tier cities in the north, buy a house easily hundreds of millions of dollars, and the general sense of the * mattress is 10,000 pieces, in terms of functionality, not expensive at all. Of course, it is not that the more expensive mattress is better, suitable for their own is important.

2. The former life of the mattress

The origin of the mattress, it should be from the first day of human birth. From the ancient times, our ancestors in the labor, in order to restore the body’s own functional needs, consciously or unconsciously produced the use of natural materials to meet their sleep and rest function of the hazy consciousness, such as lying on the stone, thatch rest.

And the history of human development, has been around the “make life more comfortable” of this theme, in thousands of years, people gradually from thatch, to woven thatch pad, fur, cotton, wool, down, and later developed to the cotton mattress, in the country, cotton mattress so far, probably still the most popular it. In the West, the development of mattresses is slower, to the 17th century or so, the most popular mattress or straw and feather filling.

In modern times, society’s productivity development, people put forward a greater demand for mattresses, so in 1865 the world’s first spring mattress was born. American businessman Zalmund Simmons heard customers complain that the bed board was too hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. So he used his brain. He tried many ways, such as stuffing the mattress with thick cotton, it did not take long to compact, or uncomfortable. When he saw the spring made of wire when the light. So he bought a batch of moderate thickness of wire, wire wrapped, woven into the bed bandage, the outside with a strong cloth pocket wrapped up, lying on very comfortable. Later on his name as a trademark, the spring mattress to the market, and quickly took the world by storm.

In modern times, with the great development of material science, latex mattress, slow rebound mattress and other new mattresses have emerged. Until today is an era of blossoming.

3. How to choose a good mattress

Best mattress for stomach sleepers this experience is very private items, there is no standard can apply to all, as said in the previous article at the down mattress, like people are very like, do not like people are not like at all. Some people like hard cushions, some people like soft cushions, so there is only the right mattress for you, and there is no mattress for everyone.

When choosing, the first and most important point is to choose the mattress to have enough support. Support force is not enough, people lying in bed some parts such as lumbar spine does not get enough support, it will sink or even recoil. The mattress harmful to the body, the first thing to exclude in our choice, after all, health is the first.

Second, is to find their own preferences, they like soft pad or hard pad? In terms of softness, the above several mainstream material softness is roughly: hard bed > brown mattress > spring mattress > latex mattress > cotton mattress > slow rebound mattress > down mattress, so arranged. Among them, the spring mattress actually floating range is very large, can do close to the hard board bed so hard, but also can do very soft. It is worth noting that there are actually many people who do not understand whether they like hard or soft beds. I have written several original on the mattress, comments inside a friend said, sleep for many years of hard bed, the first time to sleep a soft bed is like finding a new world. In reality, the elders in the family tend to prefer hard mattresses, and will give us this thought education, so that many people do not experience other mattresses, it is taken for granted that “I grew up sleeping to the experience can still be wrong”. Therefore, the author’s choice of mattress, always think that only the body has been, with the body to choose out of the mattress is appropriate. In fact, even if you like soft mattress, is like “very soft”, “relatively soft”, “generally soft”, “a little soft “, it is not the same.

4.Based on the brand mattress recommendation

Previously, the original writing after the introduction of the mattress, a lot of friends mentioned that there is no substance to choose from. In fact, the best mattress for back sleepers, especially spring mattress development for so many years, the basic has been very mature and transparent, and the author’s point of view, it is still recommended to go to the physical store experience to buy, unless they are very confident or for some reason there is no other way, or the physical store to choose a good model to buy online, otherwise it is not very recommended to go to the e-commerce channel. But since we have a request, simply from the perspective of the actual brand goods to do some introduction. Of course, objectively speaking, the author is not mattress industry insiders, limited knowledge, inevitably there are mistakes and omissions, I hope the experts do not spare instruction.

Personally do not recommend choosing a miscellaneous mattress. Most of the mattress technology is not actually profound, the final degree of comfort depends largely on the material and intention, so, unless the economic constraints, it is recommended that we start from the larger domestic brands, such as: SweetNight. after all, there is a brand here, at least the price will not have any problems.

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