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Questions worth asking when hiring a criminal defense lawyer in NJ

Nothing is worse than knowing you were charged with a crime in New Jersey. Regardless of the charges, you have certain rights. For example, you have the right to remain silent, and the police cannot force you to give a statement. Also, you can hire an attorney of your choice. Immediately after you are aware of the charges or are arrested, check the website of any known law firm in NJ and get an appointment. Once you use the right to an attorney, the officers shouldn’t interrogate you further, but that doesn’t always happen, which is why it is best to stay mum. In this post, let’s discuss the questions you must ask when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. 

What can you tell me right now?

A competent criminal lawyer should always explain your rights and the gravity of the situation. As long as you are honest about every aspect and whether you committed the crime, the lawyer will be able to give a fair overview. They can also tell you the things you should avoid. 

How often do you take such cases?

That’s another question that matters. Criminal law is a vast field, and there are a wide range of cases, from DUI and petty offenses to more serious charges like assault and murder. Ensure you choose someone who has experience with similar cases and has represented clients consistently in their practice. 

What can you tell me about your work profile?

The experience of a criminal law attorney is critical when it comes to finding the right strategies. You should check the range of cases that a lawyer has worked on, and in some situations, law firms often a team of versatile lawyers who can help a client. 

How can I communicate with you?

You should be able to find your way to the attorney when you need it. Consider if they make you feel comfortable and whether you can talk to them freely. Also, if the lawyer is not directly available, they should have a team to answer your questions. 

How much would you charge?

Criminal lawyers usually have an hourly rate, which depends on the nature of charges and their expertise. If the legal matter is expected to continue for a while, you will need to pay a retainer. Don’t assume the public defender is better because they will never devote the time like a private attorney. Instead, find a good lawyer and check how you can afford them. 

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