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What Should I Do If My Rental Car Gets Into An Accident?

People usually get rental vehicles when they are on vacation. And the last thing you would want on your vacation time is to get into an accident. However, the combination of driving an unfamiliar vehicle and unknown roads can be complex. Managing a rental car accident is the same as a regular car accident. However, the addition of a rental agreement makes it complex.

Just like your car has car insurance, rental cars have rental insurance. There are a few extra complexities that you should prepare for. You will have to handle not only the insurance company but the car company as well. This is why it is best to have someone like an Enterprise personal injury lawyer by your side. 

Steps to take if you get into an accident with a rented vehicle 

  1. Make sure you are safe.

After the accident, check on yourself and the passengers to ensure that everyone is okay. Move your vehicle to the side of the road. Check for the accident scene and the other car involved in the collision. Clear the area and move out of the scene if there is any hazardous object that might cause an explosion. If someone is severely injured, call medical assistance immediately.

  1. File a police report.

After your rental car crashes into an accident, file a police report immediately before handing over the vehicle to the company. It is very crucial. Also, keep a copy of the police report with you. The car company can ask you to show the report. The police will ask you for your driver’s license. Therefore, make sure you get it back as you need it for your insurance claim, too.

  1. Follow your doctor’s advice.

After your medical treatment, take proper rest and follow your doctor’s advice and medical prescription strictly. They give you instructions for a reason. Taking their advice lightly or ignoring them can cause future complications for your health.

  1. Interact with the other party.

If the accident affected one or more people, you may need to pay for their damages. You need to give your contact information to the other driver. If required, you may have to take the injured driver to the medical facility and pay for their treatment. While filing the police report, both parties should be present so that the accident is reported in an unbiased format.

  1. Take notes and pictures.

Document the accident scene, collect detailed information, and take pictures of the cars involved, damaged parts, vehicle’s license plate number, model number, and the scene of the accident. Take as many photos as you can from various angles. You can also use the notes app on your mobile phone to write down any important information regarding the accident.

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