Amazing Smartphone Features You’ll See in 2023

Tech development is through the roof and has been for a couple of decades, as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity with the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. Mobile devices keep getting better; smaller, more power and higher resolution screens and with that in mind, here are a few smartphone features that will be available in 2023.

  • Voice commands – While voice command is not really new, there are some amazing apps that make use of great algorithms and if you are buying one the affordable refurbished Samsung phones, you can download an app that enables a whole host of voice commands. AI is coming on in leaps and bounds, so you can expect to see more voice command features in 2023.
  • Graphene – This amazing material is light and extremely strong; 200 times as strong as steel and you can expect to see ultra-thin smartphone cases from leading manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. You may have seen the amazing video of a guy trying to break a graphene smartphone with a sledgehammer; needless to say, he never even scratched the surface.
  • Biometric authorisation – While some devices already have biometric authorisation, the technology has really developed and we should see most mobile devices that are either fingerprint or retina enabled. As the tech improves, the level of security is higher and soon it will be impossible for another person to use your mobile device. Click here for an interesting blog that looks at smartphone cameras.
  • Headphone sound – The latest versions of Bluetooth headphones have surround sound and a leading company, DTS, have developed a 7:1 surround sound system that got rave reviews. Higher processing power also helps to improve digital audio and wireless pods offer high quality audio. 
  • Folding screens – There are a few Samsung models with folding screens, such as the Galaxy Z Fold2 and you can expect to see other manufacturers bringing out fold devices. Photonic electrical screens are to replace LED and OLED displays and the system uses nanostructures that sense the ambient light; the screen requires backlighting and looks to be the future of digital display.

Many people turn to refurbished smartphones, which are affordable and work perfectly, with a decent warrant from the online supplier. Digital devices must be disposed of correctly according to government guidelines, which is the eco-friendly solution.

This is an exciting time to be alive and if you keep your eye on smartphone development, you will see all of the above and a lot more.

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