Crypto Mining Taxes Characterization For Saving Your Money

In the modern-day, the Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are amazing digital assets that use cryptographic techniques. It helps verify the transfer of assets along with smart creation and controlling units of cryptocurrency. 

The key feature of cryptocurrency is Ledger which records transactions using the Blockchain. Any central authority does not control cryptocurrency. Knowing about the crypto tax India helps you save money and transactions.

All the cryptocurrency implements systems, so transactions on the Blockchain are highly validated by many independent parties. Independent parties who verify transactions are called Cryptocurrency Miners.

Income Tax Characterization With Cryptocurrency Mining:

Cryptocurrency Mining with Tax treatments depends on various factors. Normally, the main characteristic of the activity will be a personal hobby or business. 

Courts determined the order for an activity to be a business when the taxpayer intended to carry the activity to make a profit. These activities, such as managing finances and ensuring compliance with regulations like the need to pay income tax online, will be carried out according to objective business behavior standards. 

Some of the common factors that the court looks at are:

  • Profits and Losses arising from activity in prior years
  • The capability of activity showing the profit
  • The taxpayer’s intended course of action
  • Taxpayer’s training
  • Formal business plan
  • Presence of conventional business financings such as the bank loans and many others

Income Tax Consequences Of Mining As A Business:

When Cryptocurrency Mining constitutes a business, it needs different tax consequences. Miners would receive a new unit of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin through mining activity. 

How is crypto mining taxes? You need to know mining does not have income until the miner disposes of the crypto. Under this process, the new Litecoin is enabled in the business’s inventory.

Tax Tips For Cryptocurrency Mining:

Whether you are in the individual’s mining activities for business or hobby, you need to have appropriate knowledge about the Tax law covering the circumstances for individual miners. 

Having legal advice from expert income tax lawyers would be a more convenient option. These are important for individuals who realize the large gains selling NEO or any other Cryptocurrencies. 

Below are the tips you can concentrate on regarding Cryptocurrency Mining:

Consider buying Bitcoins from reliable Bitcoin exchanges

Store Cryptos in an online Bitcoin wallet in digital form

The value of 1 Bitcoin is approximately INR 31,99,620

Receive Bitcoins consideration for selling goods as well as services

How Are Bitcoins Taxed In India?

Levy of Tax on Bitcoins cannot be ruled out as income tax laws have always sought to tax income received irrespective of the form received. The possibility of Tax on Bitcoins is looked at under the following circumstances:

Bitcoin Mining:

Bitcoins are created by mining based on self-generated capital assets. This gives rise to capital gains. The cost of acquisition of Bitcoin cannot be determined as they are a self-generated asset. Income tax authorities could choose to tax the value of Bitcoins received from mining based on “Income from other sources.”  

Bitcoins Transferred In Exchange For Real Currency:

When Bitcoin is held as an investment and transferred in exchange for real currency, its value gives rise to long-term capital gain or term capital gain. These will be based on the period of holding bitcoin. Long-term crypto gains are taxed at a flat rate of 20%.


When you are looking for a sharp increase in the value of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, then having Crypto Taxation is more necessary. These are also subject to the inventory valuation rules of the Income Tax Act.

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