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best vlogging camera with flip screen 2021

The “vlogging camera with flip screen” is attracting attention on YouTube and Instagram. The camera is convenient for shooting the scenery of everyday life and travel destinations, and you can easily shoot high-quality videos and upload them to SNS. Therefore, this time we picked up the recommended model for the Vlog camera. We will also show you how to choose one, so please read it.

What is Vlog

Vlog is a coined word that combines “Video” and Blog and is like a video version of a blog. The person who creates a Vlog uploads it to “YouTube,” “TikTok,” “Instagram,,” etc. and sends it is called “Vlogger.”

Vlog is popular mainly overseas such as Europe, America, and Asia, and recently Vlogger has been increasing in Japan.


Difference between Vlogger and YouTuber

“Vlogger” and “YouTuber” are people who publish videos in the same way, and there are no clear criteria such as platform or upload frequency, but the big difference best vlogging camera with flip screen is the difference in content.

While YouTubers often produce videos, Vlogger is characterized by that many people send out their daily lives, such as their lifestyle.

How to make a Vlog

best vlogging camera under 300

Creating a Vlog is simple.

First, record video and audio with a smartphone, single-lens reflex camera, action camera, etc. Then use a video editing app for your computers, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, to trim and rearrange the clips and add titles and music. All you have to do is upload it to your video platform.

Recently, the number of Vloggers that edit with a more convenient smartphone app has been increasing.

How to choose vlogging camera with flip screen

Check camera features

Well-balanced “mirrorless single-lens camera.”

vlogging camera

In recent years, the popularity of mirrorless single-lens reflex cameras has increased. The conversion of high-end single-lens reflex cameras to mirrorless cameras is progressing, centered on Sony and Canon. The biggest attraction of mirrorless single-lens cameras is that they can shoot high-quality movies close to single-lens reflex cameras while lightweight and compact.

In addition, as the number of mirrorless models increases, the types of interchangeable lenses are also increasing. It is recommended for travel-related and city-walking Vloggers who want high-quality image quality and emphasize portability.

“Condigi” emphasizes portability.


The biggest attraction of a compact digital film camera is its compactness that easily fits in your pocket or small bag. The point is that when you come across the scene, you want to shoot, you can quickly take it out of your pocket and start shooting a movie immediately.

In addition, it has a high optical zoom magnification and is easy to operate with physical keys and dials. It is recommended that Vloggers upload videos of everyday scenes such as walking around town and walking.

“Digital SLR camera” that emphasizes image quality

best mirrorless camera

Digital single-lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses are available in models that support not only 4K but also 8K video. The heart of a digital SLR camera is an image sensor that converts the light from the lens into a digital signal.

If you have a high-end model equipped with a full-size sensor, you can shoot high-quality images comparable to professional creators. It’s important to note that it’s large and heavy, but it’s recommended for Vloggers who want to post-dramatic videos.

“Action camera” for taking powerful images


With an action camera, you can shoot dynamic and powerful videos. It can be attached to bicycles, surfboards, helmets, etc., by exchanging the mount option and handheld shooting with the handgrip.

In addition, the action camera has a wide-angle of view, making it ideal for shooting magnificent landscapes in a wide range. It is also recommended for adventure Vloggers such as snowboarding, fishing, and sea kayaking.

“Gimbal” can be easily recorded with a smartphone.


If you want to shoot a scene while walking with your smartphone, the gimbal is recommended. The gimbal is shaped like a selfie stick, but since the smartphone is fixed to a table that rotates horizontally and vertically,

The smartphone can be easily attached with a magnet or clip type and is recommended for Vloggers who want to easily and smoothly shoot scenes of walking around town or traveling.

Check the image quality of the camera.


When choosing a camera for shooting, it is important to check the corresponding video recording size. 4K (3840 x 2160) can shoot beautiful videos, but the data capacity is large. In addition, you need a high-spec computer to edit 4K videos.

On the other hand, full HD (1920 x 1080) is recommended because it is easy for beginners to edit. If you have decided on a platform to distribute, let’s choose a camera according to the mainstream image quality.

Recommended camera for Vlog

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera 

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera for Content Creators, Vlogging and YouTube with Flip Screen, Built-in Microphone, 4K HDR Video, Touchscreen Display, Live Video Streaming, Webcam

It is a cheap vlogging camera with flip screen specializing in Vlog shooting and has the elements of a digital film camera and an action camera. By pressing the “Background blur switching” button, you can easily shoot an image with an impressive blur. In addition, the “Product Review Settings” button allows you to smoothly switch the focus from face to product and from product to face. In addition, it is equipped with a “face priority AE” that always keeps the brightness of the face even in backlight or dim conditions and a “skin-beautifying effect” function that makes the skin look bright. It is the best one for a person-centered Vlog.

DJI Osmo Action

 DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera

It is an action camera suitable for Vlog that can shoot beautiful videos even in harsh environments.—high image quality Supported by up to 4K 60fps. With the image blur correction technology “Rock Steady,” you can shoot stable images with little blur even in intense actions.

In addition, it is waterproof to a depth of 11 m and cold resistant to -10 ° C, so used in various fields. It is also recommended for action loggers who want to upload the state of surfing and snowboarding.

DJI “Pocket 2” OP2 CP1

DJI Pocket 2 - Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with

It is a compact Vlog camera equipped with a stabilizer. The handy part has buttons and a display, and the camera part is very compact. The 3-axis gimbal corrects camera shake even in intense movement actions such as running.

In addition, the power of shooting for up to 140 minutes is also attractive. The design allows you to hold it with one hand, so you can easily take pictures of everyday life, such as walking around town and traveling. Check spacific

Panasonic “LUMIX G100 VLOG Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera V kit (with tripod grip)” DC-G100V-K

It is a mirrorless single-lens camera type vlogging camera with flip screen equipped with a high pixel “20.3M Live MOS sensor” and compatible with 4K video recording. The point is that you can choose the most suitable lens from a variety of LUMIX interchangeable lenses according to the scene.

Also, if you attach a tripod grip with a video recording button etc., at hand, you can comfortably shoot a Vlog on hand. Furthermore, you can easily upload to SNS by linking with your smartphone using a dedicated app.

GoPro “HERO 9 Black” CHDHX-901-FW

best underwater fishing camera

This action camera is recommended for Vlog, best underwater fishing camera which can shoot 5K high-quality videos. With “HyperSmooth3.0”, you can shoot stable videos with less blur even in sports with intense movement such as mountain biking.

Another point is that you can easily attach external modules such as microphones and flashes. In addition, a display is also mounted on the front, which is convenient for taking selfies. It is also recommended for extreme sports Vloggers.

SONY “Cyber-shot” DSC-RX100M7G


A Vlog camera that combines a high-end digital camera and a shooting grip with high AF performance. Equipped with a 24-200mm “ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T * lens” that covers a wide range from wide-angle to telephoto. High-resolution 4K filmmaking can also be recorded.

From the shooting grip, you can start shooting and zoom, which is convenient. In addition, although it is a compact body, it also has a microphone input terminal.

DJI “OM 4” OM4 CP1


A gimbal that can be used as a vlogging camera with flip screen by fixing a smartphone. The compact foldable system allows you to carry it anywhere. Since the smartphone is attached and detached with a magnet, the setup is completed quickly.

In addition, it has a built-in 3-axis stabilizer, which makes it easy to take pictures of moving subjects such as pets and walking around town—recommended for those who want to start Vlog casually with their smartphone.

Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera

fujifilm vlogging Camera

A middle-class Fujifilm X100V interchangeable-lens camera equipped with an APS-C size CMOS sensor. It is also the best one as a Vlog camera. High-resolution 4K video recording is possible by reading out all pixels. In addition, the “Real-time Eye AF” function allows you to keep focusing on the eyes of a person even while shooting a movie.

In addition to a wide range of interchangeable lens groups, it is also equipped with a “gamma display assist” function and a “zebra” function, making it suitable for professional use. It’s also recommended for cinematic loggers who want to upload impressive videos.

Canon “EOS 90D 18-135 IS USM” EOS 90D 18135 IS USMLK

keh camera review

It is a middle-range digital single-lens reflex camera equipped with an APS-C size CMOS sensor with approximately 32.5 million effective pixels. Achieves 4K / 30fps video recording with “Dual Pixel CMOS AF.” It is also a point that you can use abundant interchangeable lenses of Canon EF mount.

In addition, there are plenty of shooting modes, such as time-lapse movies and full HD / 120fps. This model is recommended for Vloggers who want to upload overwhelmingly beautiful videos.

Panasonic “LUMIX GH5” DC-GH5M-K


It is a high-end mirrorless single-lens camera equipped with a “20.3M Live MOS sensor”. Adopting “Venus engine” technology realizes 4K / 60fps video recording. Since you can shoot using the entire sensor, you can shoot a wide-angle, high-quality 4K video.

In addition, the “Dual IS 2” technology, which corrects camera shake on both the body and lens, strongly corrects image shake. It is recommended for those who want to produce a high-quality Vlog as good as a professional.

A word from the person in charge

A Vlogger camera that plays an active role in video shooting. The action camera type is recommended if mobility is important, and the digital single-lens reflex camera type is recommended if you want to shoot the highest quality video. Choose the best Vlog camera for the scene you want to shoot and start your Vlog life.

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