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The Mirrorless best affordable camera for landscape photography

At present, the “ Mirrorless camera” is very popular here. There are many different types of cameras for you to choose from. Each type will have different strengths, such as focusing on ease of use, portability, and inexpensiveness. Which will suit a compact camera (starter model). Focusing on images that are unique like no other. You have to choose a film camera or an instant camera. Or if focusing on efficiency High image quality, of course, you have to choose a DSLR camera, for example, underwater cameras, action, camera, Polaroid and others.

By all types of cameras, It can work well in any situation for which it was designed. If you have a clear purpose Choosing a camera is not difficult. Today we will talk about a camera that combines the advantages of different types of cameras into its own, namely, easy to use and portable, like a compact camera, and it has high image quality. I can adjust it in a variety of genres. Set everything as needed, just like a DSLR camera. Many people may have already figured out what we are referring to as a camera? Yes! The camera we’re talking about is Camera Miller Lake (Mirrorless Camera)  itself.


Mirrorless camera It is considered the best pocket-sized camera. For all skill levels! Whether you are a beginner amateur photographer or a professional photographer. This type of camera can answer the question very well. For today we have gathered various information about this type of camera, for the benefit of deciding to buy a good camera if anyone is looking. Mirrorless cameras from leading brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, and Olympus are right. Because in this article we have compiled The mirrorless camera we think is the best. At various price levels! Let’s review. But first, we would like to take everyone to know Mirrorless Camera (Mirrorless Camera). Let’s go more first.

There was a choice between digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras. Still, in recent years, small and lightweight cameras that omit mirrors, mirrorless single-lens cameras have made great strides.

  Can replace the lens. The body itself is small and lightweight, so the entire body can be stored in a compact size, making it easy to carry anywhere. I have. Here, we will introduce six types of mirrorless single-lens reflex cameras.

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless Camera is a camera that is designed to be simple and uncomplicated. It looks user-friendly, And it also has high efficiency. It’s not much different from a DSLR camera. It’s like taking a DSLR camera and cutting out the complicated parts. But it still has full footage capability, which cuts out the difficult parts. It also reduces the size and weight of the camera body. From the picture, we can see that They are of very different sizes. The mirrorless camera will be compact, not too heavy make it easy to carry Plus, the camera has a lens. And many accessories to choose from. Which both types of cameras have different strengths and weaknesses; it depends on your usage. Is it suitable for any camera?

The reason you should use What are mirrorless cameras?

  • ·       Efficiency

if comparing Mirrorless Camera (Mirrorless Camera) with DSLR Camera (DSLR or Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera), you can see that Its performance is not much different. But the difference is the ease of use. If you want to take great photos right away without any editing, The best affordable camera for landscape photography, a mirrorless camera, will do better. Because the camera manufacturer has included a helper. To help make your pictures colorful without editing. Each brand will give different color tones. You can use a preview of the camera model you are interested in. It can be a criterion for your decision.

  • ·       Suitable for beginners

If you are new to photography and looking for the best camera, We recommend that you open your mind to mirrorless cameras. Because it’s very suitable for those, who are just starting in photography, it’s not too difficult. And it can help you get a better foundation of photography. You may be familiar with compact cameras or smartphone cameras. It’s easier to use, but neither of these types of cameras will give you any skill enhancements. and if comparing the price in the price range of 1-2 thousand baht in terms of shooting a mirrorless camera that is much more

 6 Recommended best mirrorless camera under 1000

1. Sony Alpha a6000

best mirrorless camera under 1000

Sony α6000 has achieved the world’s fastest AF speed. It has a high focusing speed of 0.06 seconds and is equipped with lock-on AF that keeps capturing moving subjects. In addition, it is equipped with a 179-point image plane phase-difference AF sensor that covers almost the entire screen, enabling AF-following high-speed continuous shooting of 11 frames per second—also equipped with Eye AF, which was also active in shooting the Olympics.

Price; $ 648.00

2. Panasonic LUMIX GF9

vlogging camera with flip screen

Panasonic’s “GF9” best mirrorless camera under 1000 dolors, is equipped with a tilt-type touch panel monitor that allows you to take a selfie while looking at the monitor easily. vlogging camera with flip screen By adopting the Super Sonic Wave Filter, excellent dustproof performance is realized. In addition, it is lightweight at 239g, and its small size stands out even if the attached lens is included. It is equipped with a 4 / 3-inch Live MOS sensor with a total of 16.84 million pixels.

Price; $ 797.00

3. Canon EOS Kiss M2

vlogging camera with flip screen

 The “Canon EOS Kiss M2” is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera equipped with an angle LCD. best affordable camera for landscape photography Although it is equipped with an APS-C size CMOS sensor with approximately 24.1 million pixels and a video engine DIGIC8, It can easily take it out with a compact and lightweight body of 388 grams. It is also compatible with the regular ISO 25600, and you can take high-precision pictures in combination with Eye AF. It also supports high-speed continuous shooting of up to 10 frames per second.

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Price; $ 549.93


best affordable camera for landscape photography

 OLYMPUS’s “PEN E-PL1” is a compact and lightweight digital mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera equipped with 16 types of art filters that allows you to enjoy creating images. Comfortable operation is realized with touch operation like a smartphone and a bottom-opening monitor, ideal for taking selfies. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, making it easy to transfer images. With built-in 3-axis image stabilization inside the body, you can shoot with confidence even in dark scenes.

Price; $ 649.99

5. Nikon Z50

vlogging camera with flip screen Mirrorless Camera

 Mirrorless single-lens camera “Z50” released by Nikon. It has 20 types of built-in filter effects and can be fine-tuned. This is a solid and deep grip, and it is designed so that you will not feel tired even if you carry it for a long time. It is equipped with a tilt-type rear monitor that rotates 180 °, making it easy to take selfies. Even with the kit lens attached, it weighs only 530 grams, so it doesn’t get in the way. It also supports Eye AF.

Price; $ 1196.95


best mirrorless camera under 1000

 The “FUJIFILM X-T30” is a digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a chic and classical appearance. Best mirrorless camera under 1000, It is equipped with an X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor with approximately 26.1 million effective pixels, enabling professional-like shooting with a viewfinder that boasts a field of view of approximately 100%. In addition, it has a high-speed, silent continuous shooting performance of 30 frames per second and can capture the decisive moment in a wide range of scenes. Fujifilm’s unique “film simulation” allows you to set color tone expression and gradation expression as if you were choosing a conventional film.

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Price; $ 899.99

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