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Photo props for beginners: the 10 basics

Have you wanted to get into photography for a long time but don’t know how to do it? Photography is our great passion, so we can only salute your decision. But it is true that at the beginning, one can feel a little lost. One wonders which photo accessories for beginners are essential for his equipment. You must have heard of lots of accessories before: bags, lenses, filters, conversion lenses, tripods, grips, etc. But don’t worry if you don’t know what all these accessories are for. You will discover it little by little, when you fully immerse yourself in the world of photography.

Beginner photo props

We know that the beginnings of a photographer can be difficult, hence this selection of photo accessories for beginners that we have imagined. We assume that you already have a camera and a lens, so we will instead focus on other accessories. What are the photo items that cannot be missing in your equipment? Read on to find out!

Photo props for beginners: a UV filter

Filters are essential photography accessories. But if there is one type of filter that stands out from the rest, it is the UV filter. You won’t find a photographer who doesn’t have a UV filter installed on their lens. So why are these UV filters so important? This filter is placed on the front of your lens (you must choose the compatible diameter. To find out the diameter of your lens, you can consult the diagram below). It is a filter which serves, on the one hand, to protect your lens from shocks, splashes or scratches, and which filters, on the other hand, ultraviolet rays, for the benefit of greater color saturation. It’s a two in one!

Photo tripods

Even if you’re new to photography, you should definitely be familiar with tripods. These are accessories of great importance as they help to keep your device stable when taking a picture. This will be your pillar, especially if you are just starting out, to know if your camera is well balanced.. And since they can generally adapt to the most varied terrain, you can use them in the countryside or on a variety of surfaces with the confidence of knowing that your device will be securely attached. You will see that there are a large number of tripods on the market and that a distinction is made between photo tripods and video tripods. Two key characteristics to take into account on a tripod are, on the one hand, its load capacity, and on the other hand, its weight, so as not to weigh down your equipment too much during transport.

Photo props for beginners: a memory card

The memory cards are accessories to absolutely take into account when we embarked on the photo. You will save all your photos in this small object, so you have to choose it well and above all, treat it well. How do you know which memory card you need for your device? First, we advise you to read the user manual of your camera to know the maximum capacity with which you can use it. Then the ideal would be to opt for a memory card with the largest possible capacity.. The larger it is, the more pictures you will be able to take and the longer you will have to download them. You should also consider read and write speeds. The higher they are, the faster your card will be when using it with your device and when transferring files to other devices as well.

Camera strap

You have surely noticed that no photographer walks without a strap attached to his camera. It is one of the most important accessories, especially when new to photography. In fact, you do not always know how to handle your device, at the risk of seeing it slip out of your hands and fall to the ground. If you have a strap attached to your device, you can adjust it on the neck or by hand while in use, so you can avoid many mishaps. Indeed, what photographer has never feared a fall of his camera? A nightmare that can be avoided…

Photo props for beginners: a lens hood

According to DZOFilm, you must have noticed lens hoods installed on cameras, but you don’t really know what these accessories that increase the size of the lens are for. You might find it hard to believe, but it is one of the essential accessories that every professional has in their equipment. With a lens hood, you will prevent light from directly hitting the lens, causing flares and other unwanted glares. Particularly important risks when shooting outdoors.

And they also help protect your lens. Indeed, if you have installed a lens hood and your lens receives a shock by accident, it will be the lens hood that will be impacted and not the lens. There are two basic types of sun visors: flower-shaped and cylindrical. Flower type ones are generally used on wide angle and standard lenses, while circular ones are used on telephoto lenses. As with a filter, you must make sure to choose the lens hood of the same diameter as your lens so that it can be installed on it.

Hot shoe flash

Beginners in photography often think that the built-in flash of the camera is sufficient to obtain acceptable lighting. But this is a preconceived idea because the hot shoe flash is a basic accessory to be able to immerse yourself in the world of photography and take advantage of the adequate lighting. In many occasions, the camera’s flash will not be sufficient to illuminate a specific scene. Not to mention that with a cobra flash, you can dim the light, create different atmospheres if you include color gels or apply the flash technique with bounce for a softer lighting. Once attached to your equipment, it will never leave you.

Photo props for beginners: a cleaning kit

When new to photography, you may not pay too much attention to cleaning and maintenance. But as soon as you find that one of your photos has been marred by a stain or lump of dust that shouldn’t be there and that you could have avoided, you’ll start to make sure your goals are clean. impeccable. So consider getting a cleaning kit or cloth for your lenses and all of your gear. This will save you many unpleasant surprises caused by poor maintenance of your equipment.

A lens cover

Here is another basic accessory that every photographer should have. A cover protects the front of your lens, while keeping dust or dirt out of the interior when you’re not using it. But it is also one of the accessories that we lose most often, so we advise you to always have a spare if you ever lose the original lens cap. Finally, with covers, it’s like sun visors and filters. You must choose a cover of the same diameter as that of your lens.

A camera bag or backpack

Here’s another product you might not have thought of. When you want to take your device on a getaway, a trip or for your daily walk, your device will need to be well protected. And it’s just as important to have a bag to store and protect your gear when it’s not in use. Especially dirt and dust that can accumulate.

Bags are like tripods: you will find loads of models on the market, and of all sizes. You will choose one or the other depending on your needs. Bigger, more basic, with or without capacity for a tripod, etc. For starters, you can opt for a bag or case to carry just your device, for impromptu trips. And you will take a backpack a little more spacious if you want to carry a tripod and, at the same time, personal belongings.

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