How many questions are in CCNP 350-401 Exams?

CCNP Encor is a cisco certification that consists of a hundred questions or more than it. The time to solve these CCNP questions is 120 minutes. You can practice some CCNP questions here.

Exam Topics

  1. Configure and manage high availability (15-20%)
  2. Manage VM movement
  3. Manage failover clustering roles
  4. Configure failover clustering
  5. Configure Network Load Balancing (NLB)
  6. Configure file and storage Solutions (15-20%)
  7. Configure and optimize storage
  8. Implement Dynamic Access Control (DAC)
  9. Configure advanced file services
  10. Configure site-level fault tolerance
  11. Recover servers
  12. Configure and manage backups
  13. Configure Networks Services (15-20%)
  14. Configure the active directory infrastructure (15-20%)
  15. Manage Active Directory and SYSVOL replication
  16. Configure sites
  17. Configure trusts
  18. Configure a forest or a domain
  19. Configure identity and Access Solutions (15-20%)
  20. Manage certificates

Ways to learn quickly and easily CCNP concepts:

Some ways are suggested in this matter:


The innovations that this help brings to our education culture are that it presents a wonderful material lesson by lesson. Each lesson contains an achievable objective from the learner’s point of view.

Division of syllabus

Time old method of distribution and expanding it throughout the years has become a routine which is most counterproductive. 

Presentable learning

It provides learning in an innovative style in which it is presented. It is definitely liked by the parents and teachers. It is enough to grab the attention of the students as well towards the math.


It provides helpful suggestions to teachers and parents to change their conduct in class and at home, which can help the child to get CCNP help effectively.

Go For Brain Dumps

The use of brain dumps can help candidates improve their productivity and focus levels. On SPOTO, you can access these brain dumps to prepare for the exams. It is important to use them to prepare for exams.

These are designed as per the exam syllabus. It increases ease and convenience for CCNP students and they can prepare for the exam without much hassle.

Online Learning

Online learning is an effective way of conveying the concepts of CCNP. The advent of the internet has brought about a revolution in the world of education. Online education has gained immense popularity these days all around the world. In this way they come to know, how to receive CCNP help, online learning is one of the reliable sources of help which can make the whole thing easier for students.


CCNP is a daunting task for teachers and students both. They need help which fulfils the need of students by presenting a thorough and easily understand introduction to the topics. It needs to revise and update the topics of origin. The numeric problems should be presented to fill the need by presenting an easily understood introduction to measurements, dynamics and optimization with direct, frequent and practical application to CCNP problems. It is good to continue reading. You can access SPOTO for the best preparation. It is a reliable platform for candidates.

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