How to Choose the Best Leased Line Providers UK

Many business owners are experiencing unreliable broadband connections, which can be very disruptive to their operations. However, there are solutions for businesses that need more reliable connectivity.

One of these options is a business leased line. This article will explore 16 decisive criteria to help you select the best leased line provider for your business.


A reliable leased line provider offers a cost-effective solution for businesses with high connectivity requirements. For example, businesses that rely on internet-powered applications will need a high-speed connection. A leased line provides a dedicated connection with full duplex bandwidth and guaranteed upload and download speeds, ensuring business applications function optimally.

A leased line is also ideal for businesses that use latency-sensitive applications like VOIP phone systems, video calls, and remote desktop connections. This is because they offer low latency connections with an SLA.

When looking for a leased line provider, it is important to consider the provider’s reputation and customer reviews. A reputable and experienced provider will provide a bespoke network service that is tailored to your business needs and backed by exceptional support.


A reliable internet connection is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. Leased lines offer a high-speed, dedicated connectivity solution that is not affected by other users. They also offer scalability and are backed by a service level agreement.

Consider the size and applications of your business when choosing a leased line provider. Different industries have unique connectivity requirements. For example, e-commerce businesses need a high bandwidth capacity to handle increased web traffic. Companies that use latency-sensitive applications such as VOIP phone systems or video calling require low latency connections to avoid disruptions.

Choose a provider that offers a range of services and has a good reputation in the industry. Look for a company with a technical support team that can resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Choosing the right leased line provider is crucial for businesses that value internet connectivity, security, & reliability. The best leased line providers offer dedicated IP addresses & flexible bandwidth options to ensure your business can grow without incurring additional costs.

To choose the best leased line provider, start by assessing your business’s connectivity needs. Evaluate your current bandwidth requirements and consider any future growth expectations. Also, evaluate your latency-sensitive applications – for example, Internet telephone systems & video calling require low latency connections, while remote desktop connections are fine with higher latency connections.

hSo is an IT cloud and telecoms solutions provider based in Sheffield, offering a range of leased lines. Their leased lines are available on an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or fibre basis and provide symmetrical bandwidth from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. They also have a five-hour target fault fix time and 24/7 UK based support.

Network coverage and availability

In a saturated market, it is important to choose a provider with extensive network coverage. This ensures that your business will have uninterrupted connectivity. You should also look for a company that offers symmetrical speeds, which is essential for latency sensitive applications such as Internet telephone calls and video calling.

BT remains one of the largest leased line providers in the UK. They have an extensive BT Openreach exchange presence and provide up to 1GB leased lines. They are known for providing competitive pricing and quick installation times.

SSE is another large leased line provider in the UK. They use their own electricity pylons to string fibre between cities, which helps them compete with other leased line providers. In addition, they offer a range of bespoke Ethernet services fit for the digital future.

Installation and setup process

A well-organised installation process is crucial for any business. Choose a provider with a team that is committed to ensuring a seamless transition. Clear communication and coordination with the provider’s project management team ease this process, avoiding delays.

Choose a leased line provider with extensive network coverage and wide-ranging services to support your business’s growth. With widespread connectivity, businesses can easily connect multiple locations, fostering efficient collaboration and data sharing.

Airband, for example, provides a range of fibre broadband and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) with symmetrical speed and resilient options for businesses that require high levels of uptime. They offer competitive pricing and flexible leased line add-ons. Colt, however, offers a more limited coverage area. However, they offer highly competitive rates in major cities.

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